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Will Risperdal Settlement Change Anything?

Will Risperdal Settlement Change Anything?

On the surface, Johnson & Johnson's $2.2 billion settlement this week for illegally marketing drugs to the elderly, children and the mentally disabled looks like a victory.  J&J's subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, will plead guilty to illegally promoting the antipsychotic Risperdal for "controlling aggression and anxiety in elderly dementia patients and treating behavioral disturbances in children and in individuals with disabilities," reports Reuters. The promotions included a brazen kickback scheme to Omnicare Inc, a pharmacy supplying nursing homes, exposed by a whistleblower.

At least 15,000 elderly people in nursing homes die a year from drugs like Risperdal said FDA drug reviewer David Graham in Congressional testimony a few years ago. Eli Lilly, who makes the similar drug Zyprexa, and AstraZeneca, who makes Seroquel, have also settled charges that they churned the elderly drug market at the price of Grandma and Grandpa's lives.

But it is not a victory. J&J made $24.2 billion off Risperdal from 2003 to 2010 and shareholders won't even notice this week's nano loss. J&J milked Risperdal for all it was worth and the patent had already run out by the time it was charged with illegal schemes. Other drug giants charged with illegal marketing schemes--Abbott for Depakote, Pfizer for Bextra,  Eli Lilly for Zyprexa, AstraZeneca for Seroquel, GlaxoSmithKline for Paxil and Merck for Vioxx--also got their money's worth before the trivial nuisance of suit. Many, like Pfizer, who illegally marketed its seizure drug Neurontin while under probation for illegal Lipitor activities, are brazen and shameless repeat offenders.

Many say the only justice that will get Big Pharma's attention is frog marching the CEOs off to prison and/or cutting them off from their lucrative public trough of Medicare, Medicaid and military health programs.

Still, Big Pharma's audacious business plan of asking forgiveness not permission is winding down. Not because Pharma, prescribers, consumers, regulators and health officials have seen the light, but because there are no more big drugs to pimp. An estimated 100,000 workers will be losing their jobs at Pfizer, Sanofi, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Merck reported Yahoo finance last month.

Only two new drug campaigns seem to be brewing and they require a major suspension of reality on the part of doctors and patients. One tries to convince people with low back pain they actually suffer from ankylosing spondylitis an arthritis-like condition that causes chronic inflammation of the spine. If your spine is stiff when you wake up in the morning you can take an immune suppressor like Humira which puts you at risk of tuberculosis and lethal viral, fungal and bacterial infections while costing you $12,000 to $17,000 a year. Line forms to the left.

The other, even more brazen campaign, tries to convince people with insomnia, tiredness during the day, moodiness and relationship problems that they actually suffer from Non-24-Hour Sleep–Wake Disorder, a disorder that affects mostly blind people. You don't have to be blind to have the disorder, says the new Pharma message even though there have been fewer than 100 cases of sighted people with non-24 reported in the scientific literature. It sounds like a stretch but so did convincing people with job, money and marriage problems they really had depression or bipolar disorder.

Still it is obvious the bloom has fallen off the Big Pharma rose and it is now paying the piper for the high-flying party with drug settlements like Johnson & Johnson's this week. But that doesn't mean shady marketing, hidden risks, kickbacks and outrageous prices are gone from the medical field. They have just moved to the Medical Device industry. 


If Risperdal was given to patients, that should otherwise not have been given this drug, and J & J has agreed to settle, why then have we not heard of any settlements with families, only the states and federal government are mentioned in the news releases. What about the actual people and their families that were harmed? What has J & J done to correct and or resolve these issues? Is this about the law firms filling their pockets or about the people that are harmed by these drug pushing giants?

After years of waiting on a settlement for my child in this Risperdal case the case has been settled and Johnson &Johnson gave $158million dollars to the state of Texas law firm Thomas J Henery to disburse the monies among the families,and guess what no monies the settlement these lawyers put in the settlement package they sent to us is an insult to us and our children.they rate our kids injury by points can you believe that?some of us the offer was under $1000.00 minus the lawyer 40% fee,so where is the millions of dollars Johnson & Johnson gave the state of Texas law firm?

To my fellow thomas j Henry clients and risperdal victims, they are lying to us, I to got a joke of an offer from them, it's because most of the lawyer handling are cases are trying to handle us all like class action even though that's not in are contract and if we refuse the settlment they will drop are case multiple lawyers have told me this, the deal benefits are lawyers and not us so j&j are paying off are lawyers not us, tjh lied and said they would represent us even if we rejected the settlment but that was a lie they put in our contract and settlement, don't worry I've heard from other lawyers that a lot of us are not happy with Thomas j Henry's settlement and we should all be on the hunt for other law firms, don't be a fool to these lawyers remember there tryna shut us up so if your shut up money aint what you want then we should all sing we have nothing to lose and everything to gain

I hope everyone will be treated fairly in the Risperdal case.

I hope and pray , we be treated fairly and hope we received our settlement soon.

I myself did not get a reasonable settlement offer Thomas J Henery Firm screwed over a lot of us in this risperdal settlement they got over 50million dollars and offered me 4thousand dollars and then had the nerve to send me a check in the amount of $629.00 for me to sign over to them from they firm for some so call filing fees,I was pissed off and I got me another lawyer working my son case I went to the local news station and showed them this joke of a settlement from Thomas J Henery firm,which Johnson &Johnson gave them over 50million.This firm messed us over and I am going to make sure that the bar association get involved because this firm is a f****ing joke.

I totally agree with you Danielle, after I did a lot of research I found out that all Texas law firms handling are case recently took low ball settlements and every firm representing us knows that we got hit really low. We victims are suppose to get at least 6 figures each one lawyer told me that they are going for 200,000 each in settlements but we are really worth millions if we went to trial, but no lawyer is trying to pay 6 figures to send all of us to trial, so we are stuck with taking settlements which is easy money for lawyers, but I do want to help with getting thomas j Henry firm in trouble cause they lied to us in are contracts so let me know if you need help.

my son was given a settlement offer too and it's based on a point system. I've read a lot on this injury caused by Risperdal and a lot of people who took this medicine for 4-8 years. Well my son has been on Risperdal for 17 years! My son is injured (Has Gynecomastia) because of this. The offer my son accepted was extremely low. How low you ask? I wont give any dollar figure but it's not enough to cover the cost of surgery, let alone pain & suffering and damages! and the attorney fee is 40%. according to my sons contingency fee agreement it's a 40% cut. This law firm is raising some red flags with me.

My son was on risperdal every since he was five, he got low settlement and now they want to take it and put it in a special need trust, I don't think that's fair because they think I don't have since enough to manage that little amount of money, is there anybody else they done did like this they said they was trying to help us and the only pocket that's getting full is there's.

i was wondering did anybody get there checks yet because they told me the beginning of march

I heard that around first of March received a check , if you don't get it by March 1 then it will be around March 15 if all paper work is done

March is what I heard, im awaiting to see if anything will be received. I have a detective on stand by

How long do it take to get a settlement

All Thomas j Henry risperdal clients got screwed over in there latest settlement, if you or someone you know took that settlement I'm sorry you feel for there bs, they needed at least 95 percent of us to take that settlement so they could accept it, and from the looks of these comments very very few of us rejected it, but a lot of us was not happy with it, but I think I read that in mass tort you can go back and refile even if you already accepted money but in not a 100 percent on that one, they took advantage of how long and impatient we've been waiting on this money and just screwed us I don't even think the filed most of are cases so they should only be charging 33 percent but they will lie and unless you do research you'll never know, but I don't care how long I have to wait to get fair justice so there bs didn't work on me

two of my children took Risperdal for many years and both have been diagnosed with gynocomastia. their lawyer is Arnold itkin llp in Houston, tx. do you know anything about this lawfirm? someone said all lawfirms out of texas are the same kind of rip off artists. what lawyer are you using and are you sure he's not going to be like them? please e-mail you respose @

They told me I had to sign a jointer agreement For a special needs a pooled trust is there any body else I don't like this why I can't get the money why it got to be in a trust fund

They told me I had to sign a jointer agreement For a special needs a pooled trust is there any body else I don't like this why I can't get the money why it got to be in a trust fund

How long does the process take and what's the average payout

This firm keeps sending me a check to sign for their so called filling fees, they must think I was stupid to sign a check for them to get paid for doing nothing for me.I do have a new attorney and from what I was told thomas j henery firm did not try my son's case one on one and with this settlement. The Thomas j henery firm basically put everybody's case into one case and this is how they came up with the $54 million settlement.They did not try anybody's case one on one.I feel sorry for the ones waiting on a check from thomas j henry firm. They lie and used our kids illness to fill their pockets.

i got offer around 17,400 and they taken 40% out of that they they talkin bout other medical leans smh i will be prayin for everyone to get treat fairly gid bless u guys

Well then what we should do is start a facebook page to recruit as many folk as we can get then go from there. As their practices(Contact, Info and attitude towards the victims) seems offsetting to me as if JJ hired them to go find us/victims so we'd get the bottom barrel offer. Sounds like maybe the US Governement needs to get involved. I forgot the name of the law whereas an attoney or firm you hire is illegally working on behalf of the entity that you are suing.

I was told because my son received SSI and Medicad,Had to put money in a pooled trust so his SSI and Medicad would not be cut off,Here goes another problem.

My son is also on SSI...but his lawyers are Pulaski & Middleman. I read up on TJH and that is why I chose to go with them. I've been ghost reading this blog for a few months now & a lot of the issues I've read about, I've questioned, like an interrogation. I am certain my son and any other kids/adults who have Pulaski & Middleman will surely be satisfied with their settlement. I'm sorry for the families unfairly treated in this unfortunate situation.

I was informed that my sons case was filed in Nueces County Courthouse in Texas by Thomas J Henry Law, so I guess that's how this firm is wanting 40%?. I checked this out and no case was with my sons information was found! No record of anything under my sons name. We were recently told that we should expect something in the mail from a different party that explains the settlement attorney fees and any liens if any. After making contact again, no attorney's are available AGAIN, now there story is that if nothing is received by the end of next week (March 14,2014) to call back. For 3 weeks my son was informed something would be mailed. Now its a different story. I did run a quick check on this firm, the attorney appears legit from the TX State Bar page. I'm about to file a misconduct/complaint against this firm I have hired a private detective and is on stand-by. I am contacting the TX Attorney General on this matter, like I said RED FLAGS!!!

Somebody need to do something,Our Children have suffered enough.!!!!!

my son was diagnosed as having gynecomsta after his cased was filed. tjh. lawfirm didnt give anymore than 20,000. has anyone went back and refiled. i sure would like to know because. i was very unhappy especially while some got 200,000.

Since i signed up for the risperdal case i have not heard anything from the attorney concerning the case. i think that is really weird. i wonder will my son get anything?

Call Thomas J Henry ,Ask questions about your case to see where u and your son stand.

Ok, I am utterly confused that some people have settled and many others have not. Has anyone received any monies other than the low ball figures. I believe victims get more if their breasts have to be removed. I never heard anything about checks going out in March. I just pray everyone will be happy over the outcome. Although, it took a shameful act on the pharmaceutical companies. I'm upset about it, but I am grateful to be alive. This medicine has killed many. I am so embarrassed to walk around my house without a shirt and I live alone. I can not look in the mirror because I have always had a rock solid chest. Now, my chest hangs like a woman. No disrespect to women. It is so depressing, It is so depressing. I can not be in a relationship right now due to my chest. I feel like I don't exist anymore.

My son also was affected by taking risperdal. The law firm that represented us got a settlement offer of over $200,000, which will be put into an account until he turns 18. I hope everyone gets justice for their son. It's sad when you go to someone for help and their only intentions are to take advantage of you. I'm sorry to hear so many people where done wrong.

I'm sorry to ask but I would like to know which lawfirm do you used ? . And also how long you waited to get a settlement ?

My husband had been put on this medication and has had"have" cyst like formations on his chest. He has had to take paink killers to ease the pain in his chest! I am very unhappy he has been on this drug to experiment someone's idea. My husband is a serious bipolar patient who has been shifted throughout medication!!!? I am not happy about this!

I hope my son gets at least $200,000.He deserve more because this will affect him forever!

Does anyone have any information on weather they will be a settlement, I am a caregiver for a young man who has been very injured by this drug, his attorneys are Sheller PC does someone have any info on them, we've been with them for well over a year.
Can someone guesstimate what he may get.

I took risperdal\risperdone in was diagnosed with gynecomastia but i was only with my law firm a year Matthews and associates in my case is in a tolling agreement

We have been trying to get some funds because of more than 1issue because of taking. 5 years. Someone told us at the beginning , we could possibly received at least a 7 figure ,we r still waiting .we r now with Schuller

I beginning to think this was a mean joke all the way round.Why do it have to take so long if the damn long if money is just waiting?Why not just go ahead and give people what they going to give them and be done with it?

We are waiting also but what our attorney's are waiting on is for J&J to settle instead of wasting more money on the bellwhether trials. Usually, these few trials in front of the jury gives J&J the "go ahead and settle" or "keep fighting" based on whether they win them or lose them which in this case J&J has lost them. It would be in their best interest to settle instead of wasting money on these trials. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.

I been with a law firm for almost 4 years, my son is now 15 he took the medication at 9-10-11 for his autism and bipolar. I received a letter saying agreetated settlement I have paperwork notorized and sent back. They never check in with me.
My son weighs 280 and has breast size 46DD he has pain as well, his genitalia did not develope at all. Is it to late to trade lawyers? He needs a breast reduction my son as well as I his mother have emotionally distraught over this my son is ashamed tired of all the bullies he stay inside 24/7
If anybody can give me suggestions I thank you all so much

Thank you.

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