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Gaining trust proves key in reporting on Central Valley’s STD crisis

Fresno County, home to nearly a million people, has some of the highest STD rates in California. The problem is urgent, but it's not an easy story to report. KVPR's Diana Aguilera tells how she was able to gain access to the communities most impacted by STD outbreaks.

Amid deluge of California drought coverage, health focus offers reporter a fresh angle

As wells ran dry in the drought-stricken Central Valley this summer, a public health crisis went less noticed. The Fresno Bee's Andrea Castillo decided to focus her reporting on East Porterville, where nearly half the town's 7,500 people have dry wells.

Plastic surgery industry needs comprehensive overhaul and stricter regulations

Plastic surgery has never been more popular, and is on the rise most everywhere in the world. According to a study performed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2013, well over 23 million cosmetic surgeries were performed worldwide.

Going ‘out of network’ isn’t always a horrible wallet-eating trap

“Out-of-network” means “bad idea.” Right? Yet many patients do willingly choose out-of-network doctors for medical care, whether it's for a complex surgery or for managing their diabetes. Going out-of-network isn't for everyone, but it can have benefits for those who make a fully informed choice.

Introducing the Center for Health Journalism: A new name and an enduring mission

We're happy to announce today that we have a new name and a new look. Our program is now known as the Center for Health Journalism, which better reflects our expanded range of programs and goals.

Novel gives doctor way of showing what it means to care for a loved one as death nears

A physician turns to fiction to show how demanding caring for a loved one in the period before death can be, and how difficult it is to infuse the process with dignity.

Ending the stigma of mental illness

I was fairly young when my grandfather was diagnosed with depression. I didn’t understand how he could be so sad when he had such a large, loving family and a seemingly happy life. To some extent, I blamed my grandfather; I didn’t understand what was really happening was a chemical imbalance out of

How reporters can make crucial connections between local policies and people’s health

Government decisions affect health, but we often don't realize it. Even stories that do examine how our environments shape health and wellbeing don’t always zero in on the specific policies contributing to those conditions. ChangeLab Solutions' Rebecca Johnson explains.

Dream of a deaf girl

Hyderabad Sindh; Hurmain Ashrif, ten, was discouraged by her own family and the neighbors for no other reason than her handicap. But it has changed now. As she has begun to learn how to study they have a new hope that she now won’t be reliant on them for the whole of her life....

Limbaugh weighs in as small business health insurance premiums jump 85%

When small business owners in Santa Cruz, California, shared their frustration about the Affordable Care Act hiking their health insurance premiums by 85%, commentator Rush Limbaugh noticed, mentioning my story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel twice in his broadcast.



We've opened recruitment for our all-expenses-paid 2016 California Health Journalism Fellowship, to be held in Los Angeles March 6-10, 2016. Apply now for a $1,000 reporting grant and five days of information-packed seminars, workshops and field trips on California's health care challenges. Click here for details.

We’ve grown considerably since we began in 2004 at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism, and we’re thrilled to announce we now have a new name and new look for our website, formerly known as Reporting on Health.


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