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In June of 2011, I was taking care of annual appointments, and I was getting the exams that I had been postponing because of more pressing health issues. That June, I was scheduled to have a routine thyroid ultrasound for my annual follow up of thyroid nodules.
The tragedy in Flint continues to fill headlines. But nearly every community is at risk from some form of lead contamination. In our webinar this week, veteran reporters and experts offered journalists fresh ideas for covering such stories.
The harm from misleading media messages about health care is very real. But by putting a human face and voice to these harms, we can begin to correct some of these wrongs, explains's Gary Schwitzer.
Long-awaited federal audits are finally here under the the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
NFL receiver Josh Cribbs recently had his brain analyzed and was told his brain resembled that of a 52-year-old. He's only 32 years old. In Cleveland, Cribbs told reporters he worries what his future will look like.
Over the past few decades, the number of obese people around the world has steadily increased. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that in 2014 over 1.9 billion adults were overweight, with over 600 million of these being classified as obese....
If you are a healthcare provider, far from the elaborate schemes of hackers, your greatest threat is more likely to be in carelessness or neglect in your midst.
“Open data, to my mind, is about empowering communities with numbers presented in useful ways that can help fuel real-world change,” writes CHCF's Andy Krackov. Here he offers some tips on how we can make that happen.
The healthcare industry’s dominance of our political process and lack of concern for public well-being, follows the same loathsome strategy employed by the tobacco industry. Healthcare is big business that aims to maximize profits. Healthcare economics, like the selling of tobacco in its heyday.
It was the disturbing practice of force-feeding that led author Ann Neumann to reach out to Connecticut prisoner Bill Coleman. The journalist-source relationship that ensued highlighted for Neumann the importance of “frank communication” over what makes it into the story.



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