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Getting the lead out: Flint is just the beginning

Twenty-some years ago, my kids tested with high lead levels. My partner and I were shocked and horrified. What had caused this?

Don't 'radiosplain' and other ways to report on communities that aren't your own

One way to present more culturally-balanced stories is to create more diverse newsrooms. But we still need to get better at talking to people in communities that aren’t our own. Here are some tips on how to do that.

4 Prominent Things You Should Know about Dental Malpractice

Linda Rizzo, a 58-year-old retiree, had been undergoing four years of dental treatment with Dr. Kay for which she had paid $36,000. Post its completion, she filed a lawsuit against the dentist claiming that he had inserted upper and lower bridges that did not fit, which had ultimately resulted in pe

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Washington State Appeals Court Recognizes the Controversy

Another convicted child care provider has won a new trial with the argument that medical thinking about shaken baby syndrome has changed.

What you should keep in mind before reporting on Zika virus

Zika virus has been generating a lot of news lately. But the reports haven't always been accurate. Dr. Seema Yasmin offers a quick primer and dispels a couple of myths for reporters filing stories on the epidemic as it spreads through the Americas.

For series on mindfulness, unconventional sources bolster credibility

My fellowship project was prompted by a question I’d been wondering about: Might mindfulness be a “prescription” for our health care system? I have heard from countless people who told me how meditating had changed their life. So why is it not more commonly recommended by providers?

For series on mental health care among African Americans, community engagement proves key

“In many African American communities, mental health issues have a history of being undertreated and underdiagnosed.” That was the beginning of the host intro for my radio series on mental health care within African American communities, and a focus sentence that led me throughout my reporting.

Little stores, big stories: How to tell the story of healthier foods in small markets

The media tends to focus on national chains such as Target and Walmart that have taken steps to offer healthier products. But the work being done to improve small stores provides a great opportunity for reporters to tell local stories in underserved areas.

Explanatory approach pays off in series on diabetes in Indian community

A reporting project on the rising incidence of diabetes among Indian communities finds virtue in taking an explanatory approach. "Linking our cuisine to impactful statistics and studies, I hoped, would grab the reader’s attention," California Fellow Parimal Rohit writes.

Can San Francisco’s HIV prevention ‘miracle’ be replicated throughout the state?

San Francisco’s success with early treatment and access to preventive drugs seems to have made a dramatic impact. That raises the question: Can efforts that work among white gay men also work for Fresno’s undocumented immigrants or injection drug users?



Thanks to groundbreaking new research, we can now see how much private insurance plans are paying for common procedures and per person in communities across the U.S. This webinar will help journalists and policy makers contextualize the private-payer data, discuss possible policy responses, and offer suggestions for how reporters can use this resource to bolster their reporting. Register here.

Interested in learning more about the health, education and social challenges children face as a result of poverty and adversity?  Apply now for the 2016 National Health Journalism Fellowship, which comes with $2,000-$10,000 reporting grant, five days of intensive all-expenses-paid traing in L.A., and six months of mentoring. Details here.


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