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Q&A with Dr. Carl Elliott: Making patient protection a priority for clinical trials

Q&A with Dr. Carl Elliott: Making patient protection a priority for clinical trials

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Ironic update: From the Los Angeles Times - "Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca will pay $68.5 million as part of a multistate settlement over allegations that it promoted its psychiatric drug Seroquel for unapproved uses, such as treating insomnia and Alzheimer's disease."

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If a subject dies during medical testing and had not previously been afforded the opportunity to fully and completely understand the risks, the result is, at a minimum, Manslaughter, or Murder. The University of Minnesota has employed several Murderers since the Operation Artichoke days. STOP THE MAYHEM AT THE U OF M NOW.

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Soaring out-of-pocket costs, rising premiums, and shaky insurance exchanges raise urgent questions this election season. What policies might address these problems, and how do the presidential candidates’ health plans differ? This webinar will give an overview of each candidates’ policy prescriptions and provide reporters with crucial context for covering one of the election’s most important but overlooked issues.

The 2017 California Fellowship, for California-based journalists only, will be held March 5-9, 2017 in Los Angeles. This Fellowship will focus on vulnerable populations and access to care and health care reform and innovation. We also take an in-depth look at how community conditions influence individuals' prospects for health. Each Fellow receives a $1,000 stipend to assist with the costs of reporting an ambitious Fellowship project on a California health issue, as well as six months of mentoring by a Senior Fellow. Deadline to apply is Dec. 1.  For more information, go here.


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