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Fighting for care in Florida's Medicaid system (Part 2)

Jennifer’s experience in Florida’s Medicaid system isn't unique: She waited three months for her son’s appointment and drove 50 miles, only to have the doctor spend five minutes with him, ignore her concerns and tell her to go someplace else.

Health at risk for Sonoma County tenants in poor living conditions

The effect of squalid housing on people’s health is difficult to determine in California's Sonoma County, since there is no study, stockpile of data or government agency that tracks illness in connection with living environments.

Do babies need psychologists?

There has been growing recognition in recent years that "toxic stress" can disfigure young lives in lasting ways. But how do health systems begin to address the problem? Daisy Rosario looks at how the Montefiore health system in the Bronx is tackling the issue through pediatric care.

Hawaiians at risk: Healing efforts return to roots

At program for troubled youths in Hawaii revolves around a cultural practice called "hooponopono," a self-reflective process that stresses healing and strengthening relationships to restore balance in one’s life. “This is a very unorthodox program, but it’s not new,” the director says.

For series on mindfulness, unconventional sources bolster credibility

My fellowship project was prompted by a question I’d been wondering about: Might mindfulness be a “prescription” for our health care system? I have heard from countless people who told me how meditating had changed their life. So why is it not more commonly recommended by providers?

‘The polio of our generation’: Mental health troubles often land kids in emergency rooms

Staff at University Medical Center's pediatric emergency department in Las Vegas have a nickname for Southern Nevada: the pediatric mental health vortex. “We call it the polio of our generation,” Dr. Jay Fisher said. “This is a health crisis of unbelievable proportions.”

To understand how Calif. authorities approach mental health incidents, data will prove key

My story for the 2015 California Data Fellowship will look at mental health encounters involving police and deputies, hospitals and emergency rooms, jails and courts. The goal is to quantify different type of mental health encounters using available data, and lay out the policy implications.

How Nevada struggles to help children battling mental illness

Nevada is serving a greater number of mentally ill children in recent years. “This is an epidemic,” said Dr. Jay Fisher. Decades ago, he said, physicians looked to vaccines to preventing epidemics. “This is going to be much more difficult to solve. It’s a 12-headed beast.”

On mental health, do Clark County schools make the grade?

The Mental Health Transition Team works with parents and psychiatric hospitals to develop re-entry plans, which could include designating a staff member the child feels comfortable checking in with every day and strategies so students don’t fall behind in school.

Adapting proves key when reporter's story on addiction treatment doesn’t go as planned

If you're pitching a story that’s going to take you off deck for dailies, it helps to have two things: a great character and a clear wrongdoer. When I decided to look into a shortage of residential addiction treatment facilities in California’s Imperial County, I thought I had those ironed out.



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