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Participants gain confidence, skills, sources, and new storytelling approaches on the circumstances that shape the health of residents of their community.  There is also plenty of fellowship, and participants gain new perspectives and new colleagues. The program also provides technical advice that helps fellows enhance their skills and advance their careers. 

Applicants do not need to have a background in health, but they should be interested in learning about how the health of a community and its residents is shaped by social, environmental, educational, and economic issues, as well as public policy. 

What Participation Includes:  For all our Fellowships, we cover the cost of the hotel, airfare, meals, and tuition. Each Fellow is assigned a Senior Fellow who provides advice on their Fellowship projects for the six months following the seminars in Los Angeles. 

For More Information:  In advance of your application, we welcome discussions on possible Fellowship projects and on the program itself. To talk to us, please email Martha Shirk at 


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