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Awards and Updates

McClatchy President's Award for Special Projects - awarded by McClatchy Company
Honored for series of stories on Kettleman City's environmental justice fight

I recently received the George F. Gruner Prize for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism, a McClatchy Company President's Award, and an honor from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists for my three-part series on the Kettleman City community's fight for health and environmental justice.


Rebecca Plevin's Blog

New hepatitis C treatments are both staggeringly effective and expensive. This has sparked a... more »
posted 12/03/15
When some youth journalists report on environmental health issues impacting their own communities... more »
posted 03/20/13
Just how well is California doing transitioning children from the outgoing Healthy Families low... more »
posted 03/07/13

Rebecca Plevin's Latest Comments

Posted by rebeccaplevin | Thursday, 2012-01-05, 11:44
Joy - I cover similar issues here in the San Joaquín Valley, and have often been tempted to do...
Posted by rebeccaplevin | Monday, 2010-11-15, 11:45
Hi Barbara: I just blogged about a sorta-similar project here in the San Joaquin Valley. The San...
Posted by rebeccaplevin | Tuesday, 2010-09-28, 10:14
Wow - that's a great story. It is amazing to think that a fuel-efficient stove could provide...

Rebecca Plevin's Work

How one reporter "fell down a data rabbit hole" while investigating how many Medicaid patients were denied costly hep C drugs, and what she'll do differently next time.

Calif.’s revised eligibility rules for new hep C drugs appear to be easing Medicaid patients’ access to the medications, yet the vast majority of Medicaid patients with hep C still aren't getting the costly drugs, state health officials say.

When extremely expensive new hepatitis C medications arrived on the market more than two years ago, private health insurers limited access to the very sickest. Now, two new analyses say that approach is shortsighted and counterproductive.