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Daily Briefing: Anxiety Rampant, Fighting for Medicaid and Chicken UTIs

Daily Briefing: Anxiety Rampant, Fighting for Medicaid and Chicken UTIs

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Mental Health: The prevalence of anxiety disorders has increased a boggling 1,200 percent since 1980, to affect about half of all adults. Some psychiatrists say that this means they’ve gotten better at identifying the people who need help, while others say it means they are medicating against normal human emotions, reports Sharon Begley for Reuters.

Health Politics: In Florida, advocates for the poor and hospital associations are pushing back against the governor’s promise to refuse Medicaid expansion, reports Abby Goodnough for the New York Times.

Food Safety: Antibiotic-resistant bladder infections may be transmitted through poultry, reports Maryn McKenna for the Food and Environmental Reporting Network.

Mysteries of the ACA: There’s a lot to Obamacare besides the individual mandate. David Schultz and Christian Torres, writing for Kaiser Health News, dig in and explain 10 little-known provisions, from funding for abstinence-only education, to a campaign for water fluoridation.

Clean Water: Researchers at Yale have devised an inexpensive way of filtering arsenic from water using waste from the seafood industry, reports Gwyneth K. Shaw for the New Haven Independent.

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