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The Coronavirus Files

News, analysis and resources on the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, featuring timely dispatches from reporters, experts and providers. 

Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
Veteran science journalist Lisa Krieger gives a quick masterclass on breaking down the crisis into meaningful stories.
By Bulbul Rajagopal, Gabriel Kahn
Some of California's densest clusters of COVID-19 are in Los Angeles' richest areas.
Picture of Ryan White
Announcing “Covering Coronavirus,” a special webinar series that will provide urgent tips, resources and insights for anyone tracking the COVID-19 pandemic.
Picture of Michael  Hochman
The best approach may ultimately be somewhere between the extremes of zero restrictions and a near-total shutdown of society.
Picture of Michael  Hochman
This online self-assessment tool offers a useful starting point.
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
Dr. Shantanu Nundy explains why the idea of putting swabs in the hands of Americans is gaining traction.
Picture of Michelle Levander
We want to know how the Center for Health Journalism can best support journalists who are covering the coronavirus. Please take this survey to share your thoughts.
By Carol Peden, Michael Hochman and Barbara J. Turner
The outbreak represents a potential sea change in how health systems use telemedicine.
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
Ace medical reporter Lisa Krieger of the San Jose Mercury shares timely reporting tips, with added insights from Stanford's Dr. Seema Yasmin and communications expert Glen Nowak.
Picture of Michael  Hochman
Esperamos que esta sencilla herramienta de autoevaluación, consejos y recomendaciones generales le ayuden a disminuir la ansiedad y le permitan cuidar de sí mismo y de sus seres queridos de la mejor manera posible sin que ellos ni usted corran riesgos innecesarios.



In this webinar discussion, we’ll talk about what questions journalists should ask health systems to gauge their preparedness and understand their potential decisions on rationing care. Sign-up here!

Stuck reporting from home? This webinar will focus on helping reporters find health sources and affected people online, through social platforms and digital communities. Sign-up here!


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