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Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Posts

Here is where you'll find news about the Center for Health Journalism Fellowships program and its participants. Check back often for updates on Fellows and their work, live-blogging of our seminars, and more from our staff.

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Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of an investigative reporter? The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellows (Twitter hashtag #cahealthfellows) got the chance with former Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Bill Heisel, who also writes the thrice-weekly Antidote blog for Center for Health Journalism Digital. 

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

“I’m really ashamed I let myself get caught up in dishonest and deceitful campaigns really just so a few corporations and their Wall Street masters could become richer than they already are. So now, in a certain way, I’m trying to make amends.”

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In 2008, Henry Schuster was "the new guy" at 60 Minutes. Everyone else at the show had already taken the big interviews, the politicians and bigwigs who would be at the center of many reports. So Schuster took a different approach: "I would rather set the table for our viewers by addressing the issue, not the candidates," Schuster told the 2009 California Health Journalism Fellows at this evening's keynote address. "We wanted to do a health care story."

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

After a lively and wide-ranging discussion at our Health in the Blogosphere event Monday, some attendees have posted insightful wrap-ups on their blogs. I'll also be posting these on Twitter at #uscblogcon.

Here's a sampling of their thoughts:

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The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships wrapped up a thought-provoking and fruitful framing session on the health blogosphere today, with an often- hilarious, back-channel Twitter conversation here.

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Dr. Pam, whom I just began following on Twitter, shares this interesting article about which medicine will define America as we head toward historic health reform. Worth a read. If the New England Journal is having this debate, it suggests a sea change in thinking about medicine and medical technology and its role in improving health for all. Please share your thoughts!

Picture of Michelle Levander

The goal was anything but modest. On Monday, 22 leaders from San Francisco Bay Area public health and journalism circles gathered in Oakland to brainstorm about ways to transform the way journalists report on health.

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Ambitious stories will tackle critical community health issues such as industrial contamination, the environmental factors that contribute to obesity, and the underlying causes of health disparities in urban environments.

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National Health Journalism Fellows today toured Watts and came away with a more nuanced understanding of the health and socioeconomic issues facing this economically stressed but still hopeful Los Angeles community. At the Watts Labor Community Action Committee Center in the heart of Watts, Fellows learned about health disparities and HIV/AIDS among blacks from public health officials, policy experts, community leaders and journalists.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Using Google Maps to tell stories can be a tricky business at first, but it gets easier with practice and is a great tool for journalists covering everything from fires to public health.

That was the message from three Los Angeles Times online journalist/techies: database producer Ben Welsh, Flash producer Sean Connelley, and editorial artist Thomas Suh Lauder at a Wednesday panel for the National Health Journalism Fellowships.



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