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Driving While Talking or Texting: Less Dangerous Than We Thought?

Driving While Talking or Texting: Less Dangerous Than We Thought?

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Distracted Driving:

Studies of driving while talking on a cell phone may have overestimated the risk of car crashes, new research suggests, Amy Norton reports for Reuters Health.

Nurse Strike: Some 4,000 nurses are expected to strike for one day at eight Sutter Health hospitals in California on December 22, John S. Marshall reports for the Associated Press. We predict a less than peaceful holiday for patients and hospital staff.

ADHD: Longstanding fears over the effect of attention deficit disorder drugs on adult hearts will be eased by a large study published in JAMA that found no link between the drugs and heart attacks or strokes, Larry Husten reports for

British Health: The European financial crisis is forcing some deep cuts in the United Kingdom's free health care system, and doctors and hospitals are pushing back aggressively, Maria Cheng reports for the Associated Press.

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It depends on the driver. I once accidentally side swiped my car against a pole in a parking lot cause I was talking to a friend. I find it hard to focus on driving while talking; your mileage may vary.

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