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60 Minutes Slams Stem Cell Scams

60 Minutes Slams Stem Cell Scams

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Stem Cells:

60 Minutes investigates the rapidly growing trade in fake stem cell cures, from dubious overseas clinics to "cures" delivered to your door.

ACOs: What will the new "accountable care organizations" mean for patients in Massachusetts? The Boston Globe's Chelsea Conaboy investigates.

Hospital Infections: California releases new data on infections like MRSA contracted in hospitals that's solid enough for consumers to compare hospitals, Deborah Schoch reports for the Sacramento Bee/ CHCF Center for Health Reporting.

Acupuncture: New research suggests that acupuncture doesn't work any better for treating migraine headaches than a "sham" version of the alternative Chinese medicine treatment, Amy Norton reports for Reuters Health.

Drug Mixup: Some of those pills in your Excedrin bottle could actually be other OTC meds.  Drugmaker Novartis has issued a recall of a number of over-the-counter meds including Bufferin, NoDoz, Excedrin and Gas-X, Scott Hensley reports for NPR's Shots blog.

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