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The Costs of Care: Considering Health Costs When Prescribing Treatment

The Costs of Care: Considering Health Costs When Prescribing Treatment

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The Cost of Care:

NPR's Scott Hensley highlights winners of the Costs of Care writing contest, which awarded prizes to essayists who examined the impact of costs on medical care. Check out our interview with Dr. Neel Shah, head of the Costs of Care advocacy organization, which advocates for doctors to consider the costs of health care when treating their patients.

Malaria: Truly scary: Scientists have discovered fake malaria drugs in 11 African countries, sparking fears of patient deaths and the emergence of new, drug-resistant forms of the parasite that causes the disease, Alice Park reports for Time's Healthland blog.

Hospital Infections: California hospitals have reported new infection data that appears to show infection rates in the state are nearly 50 percent lower than the national average, but a closer look at the stats suggests that hospitals may be under-reporting infections, Christina Jewett reports for California Watch.

Health Reform: Will the feds be ready with fallback health insurance exchanges for states that refuse to create their own under new health reform rules? Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review blogger Robert Laszewski is skeptical.

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