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Earlier always better? Child development reseachers question old assumption

Earlier is always better when it comes to interventions to help kids, right? Not necessarily, according to two recent meta-analyses from UK researchers.
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Nine tips for reporting on the business of health care from KHN’s Chad Terhune

Veteran health care business reporter Chad Terhune of KHN shares essential tips for delving into the finances of health care companies.
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Veteran editor Jim Neff on how to get ‘the investigative mindset’

Jim Neff of the Philadelphia Inquirer shares his views this week on what separates all-star investigative reporters from the rest of the pack.
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How two veteran reporters ensure their stories have impact

Every ambitious reporter wants to move beyond stories describing problems to stories that spur solutions to problems. But how?
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Why the science of childhood trauma makes the news cycle so hard to watch

Trauma researcher Natalie Slopen can't stop thinking about recent news footage showing a tearful father embracing his unresponsive son after a long forced separation.
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A youth football team drives home what violence and trauma do to young lives

“The Children of Central City” is a powerful set of stories and videos that uncover the deep emotional and physical scars born by New Orleans’ most vulnerable kids.
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In Los Angeles, a school district wrestles with epidemic levels of childhood trauma

At Los Angeles Unified's 15 wellness centers and through in-class screenings, the district is stepping efforts to help students cope with extremely high levels of trauma and toxic stress.
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This California county is trying to go beyond health care to get at the factors driving health

“We started looking at the data and found the most vulnerable people in the county, and we put this team together to go find and work with them,” said Anna Roth, director of Contra Costa Health Services.
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Head of Covered California says state will suffer from ACA assaults — just not as much as everywhere else

Peter Lee on why California's health exchange is partially insulated from GOP-led attacks on the ACA — and why that could all change down the road.
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How one reporter overcame lack of data and political traps to tell story of rising numbers of children shot in Florida

Kathleen McGrory of the Tampa Bay Times on how she overcame tough obstacles to report on the rising trend of children being shot and killed in Florida.



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