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In one year, 477 people in San Francisco, most of them homeless, used $20 million worth of urgent/emergency services — an average of $42,067 each — and taxpayers paid the bill. Knowing who they are is the first step towards treating their illnesses, injuries, and addictions.

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Angelo Solis, a homeless alcoholic, racked up nearly $1 million in medical charges over three years. His case represents the immense health care costs associated with homelessness. Sarah Arnquist offers advice on how to report on this important topic.

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Geri Brooks is the founder and executive director of Sunburst Projects, an outreach program that supports families living with HIV and AIDS. Aimed to fill the gap in HIV/AIDS services, the program's services support the family as a unit by building on family strengths and helping to teach parents how to nurture and support their children. Services include case management, mental health support services, respite childcare and Camp Sunburst, a summer camp program for children and their families.


The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in soaring levels of food insecurity and unmet needs in families across the nation. In our next webinar, we’ll explore fresh angles for deeper reporting on vulnerable families in your community. Sign-up here!


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