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Clinica Sierra Vista

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After Obamacare's passage, California expanded its Medicaid benefits to allow those with mild to moderate mental health problems to receive care. But as the state's Medicaid numbers surge, some say there aren't enough providers to meet the rising demand.

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This year, there were 26,772 residency positions in the United States and just 19,230 U.S. medical school graduates to fill them.

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Radio journalist Farida Jhabvala examines how one facet of health reform might help uninsured families in Fresno, California's poorest county - but political leaders there don't want to participate.

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Stephen Schilling is CEO of Clinica Sierra Vista, a private nonprofit organization of 15 health clinics serving residents of Arvin, Bakersfield, Death Valley, Delano, Frazier Park, Lake Isabella, Lamont, McFarland and Wofford Heights. The clinics provide primary health care and preventive health education services with a staff of 600. Collectively, the clinics represent a multi-institutional model for rural health care delivery to a geographically dispersed, ethnically diverse, low-, moderate- or fixed-income patient population.


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