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When I tackled the topic of loneliness as a 2013 National Health Journalism Fellowship project, I honestly didn't think it would be hard to find people who were lonely so that I could write about the issue. I was right and wrong.

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Film moguls never anticipated the shooting just the other day of over 70 people with 12 dead at a midnight screening of the latest Batman film in Aurora, Colorado. The media has been quick to seek out so-called experts to comment on this man's behavior, thinking, his personality and every aspect they can possibly form into a question. The problem is that most of the experts are not experts in the true sense of having any educational background in dealing with individuals who engage in what must be seen as pathological behavior.

Picture of Harriet Hodgson

Do you think you get all of the information you need during an interview? Think again.


Cities across the country are rethinking how they police communities. In this webinar, we’ll explore proposals to reform, defund or abolish police departments, to help reporters better understand and evaluate such efforts near them. Sign-up here!


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