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At 364 pounds, Dawn Walton found her breaking point, literally, when she sat down for a meet and greet at her son's kindergarten class. "I felt the chair start to break beneath me," Walton, 35, said. "I knew it would kill him if I broke that chair." She made a bargain with God that day: If the seat didn't break, she'd change her lifestyle for good.

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Dr. McDonald is a nutrition professor and an authority on the biology of aging. Dr. McDonald believes that in humans and other animals, aging is a rather predictable process but one that is not necessarily typified by deterioration. Lifestyle has a greater impact on the body than does the aging process. In an undergraduate course on the biology of aging, he discusses the aging process from conception to death and explains how various interventions, including diet and exercise, may modify the aging process. His research focuses primarily on the interactions between nutrition and aging.

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Obesity is visible — walk down the street and you bump into it. Diabetes, on the other hand, is silent and tragic. Here are tips for reporting on the links between them.


Cities across the country are rethinking how they police communities. In this webinar, we’ll explore proposals to reform, defund or abolish police departments, to help reporters better understand and evaluate such efforts near them. Sign-up here!


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