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A new book suggests ways to reform the rules governing sperm and egg donations. I've teased out the five I find most intriguing to start a conversation about the fertility industry and the families that have formed as a result.

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The genetic tree answers a lot of questions for the patient, as well as for family who must mix their care for the stricken with an understandable concern about where the cancer came from–and who might be next.

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If Wednesday is leaving you in an intellectual slump, here are some links that will help you understand and challenge the news:

Sun Scare? Harmon Leon at the Huffington Post questions the claims of dermatologists -- and lets four dermatologists examine his moles in the process.


Cities across the country are rethinking how they police communities. In this webinar, we’ll explore proposals to reform, defund or abolish police departments, to help reporters better understand and evaluate such efforts near them. Sign-up here!


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