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Higher education

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For 20 years, First 5 has used the tobacco tax revenue to finance health, education and other programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. What have we learned?
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Are you interested in writing about medical education, research and clinical care? Or are you a student looking for a paid summer internship? We've got options for you.

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Under U.S. health reform, we’re supposed to need more physician assistants, nursing aides and other paraprofessionals to serve an influx of newly insured patients. But are the private, for-profit colleges who train nearly a third of these workers up to the task? Not necessarily.


Across the country, children are quietly being poisoned by lead, asbestos and other toxins. We'll share innovative reporting and testing strategies from two top reporters that can deliver urgent, high-impact stories. Sign up here for our next Health Matters webinar!


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