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patient advocacy

Picture of Carolyn Thomas

I thought online patient engagement communities were by patients, for patients. I was wrong: many of them are corporate data mining engines looking for your most personal medical information.

Picture of Laura Newman

Dense breasts are common among women in their forties, the exact same demographic for whom mammography guidelines have been hotly contested. Now, some advocates are pressing for right-to-know laws and want access to additional imaging. Will this best serve women?

Picture of Michelle Levander

How does knowledge about unfamiliar diseases enter the public consciousness and the public policy agenda?

Picture of William Heisel

Patients and their advocates get more tips for working with the media.

Picture of Katherine  Leon

How can journalists work better with patients to tell their stories? Here's advice from one experienced patient.

Picture of William Heisel

Andy Rooney died of "serious complications" following minor surgery. But what does that really mean? Journalists need to dig deeper.


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