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There’s a growing recognition of the role that complex post-traumatic stress disorder plays in trapping people in long-term homelessness. Understanding how PTSD unfolds can help us better understand the homeless and their health issues.

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Joel Aguilar has never been a gang member, but has three bullets in him nonetheless. The east Salinas teenager is largely paralyzed: He can move his neck, raise both his arms a few inches and move one wrist — the physical toll of a "gang-related" shooting that nearly killed him two years ago. Kimber Solana examines the psychological impact of gang violence on both victims and the community.

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Mental health professionals say that journalists need to get informed and be open to talking about how their work affects their mental health. This week at Career GPS, we get that conversation going.

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J&J Woes: After recalls more than 100 million bottles of Tylenol and other popular medicines made by Johnson & Johnson, the feds inspect another J &J plant that makes over-the-counter heartburn meds, the Washington Post reports.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Emergency room doctor Ted Corbin was tired of stitching up the same gang members over and over, only to send them back out to Philadelphia’s most violent streets. So he did something novel: he started talking to them. He challenged his own assumptions. And he helped to start Healing Hurt People, a program that links young people treated in the ER for intentional injuries to social workers and mental health professionals.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

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