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Guns and Restraining Orders

Fellowship Story Showcase

Guns and Restraining Orders

Picture of Monica Lopez

This story was produced as a project for the 2019 California Fellowship.

Guns and Restraining Orders
Making Contact
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Despite the recent increase in mass shootings in the United States, the majority of gun injuries and deaths are in fact a result of suicides, homicides, accidental shootings, and intimate partner violence. In this documentary, we hear the story of one woman’s experience of domestic violence, and how some Californians are working to prevent harmful and deadly shootings.

This program was produced as a project for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2019 California Fellowship.

Image: An altar in front of the Isla Vista deli where Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez was shot in 2014. Photo Credit: Monica Lopez

Warning: Contains sensitive language, this version is not suitable for public radio. Please find clean version here:


  • Sofia García, (pseudonym) survivor of intimate partner violence
  • Richard Martinez, Survivor Network at Everytown for Gun Safet
  • Kendra Thomas, family law attorney and Trustee with Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Domestic Violence Legal Services Project
  • Mara Elliott, San Diego City Attorney
  • Jacqui Irwin, CA Assembly member, 44th District
  • Phil Ting, CA Assembly member, 19th District.


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[This article was originally published by Making Contact.]