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As part of the Center for Health Journalism Fellowship, journalists work with a senior fellow to develop a special project. Recent projects have examined health disparities by ZIP code in the San Francisco Bay Area, anxiety disorders and depression in the Hispanic immigrant community in Washington state, and the importance of foreign-born doctors to health care in rural communities.

Caleb Hacker at his former school
How Georgia’s system to teach children with disabilities is falling vastly short of its promise.
Photo via Flickr
2017 California Fellow Liliana Sunn interviewed representatives of the California Immigrant Center, CoveredCalifornia and Clinica Romero about health insurance options for immigrants on KPFK-FM.
With his wife, Michelle. | Anna Clare Spelman
Once used almost solely to treat post traumatic stress in war veterans, EMDR has slowly become an effective therapy to treat a range of traumas, including those experienced by immigrants.
Keishan Ross sits through a hearing before Judge Michael Orlando on Feb.17, 2017, to determine where he will end up next.
The intellectually disabled teen has spent most of his adolescence bouncing between juvenile jail and a mental health program that cannot help him get better.
Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland — hemmed in by three roads, including Washington's Beltway.
Why nearness is a problem, what schools can do and how parents have led the way.
Drivers hurry past Burlington City High School on northbound Route 130.
In Burlington, New Jersey, hundreds of students walk across a road the nonprofit Tri-State Transportation Campaign calls the most treacherous for pedestrians in all of New Jersey. The dangers are real.
Patricia Davis, mother of Ikeim Boswell, holds the urn with her son’s ashes in her Tampa home. Ikeim was 16 on March 14, 2015, w
Gun injuries are a growing problem for Florida’s children, rising along with the increasing availability of firearms across the state, an investigation by The Tampa Bay Times has found.
Students line up outside El Marino Language School as vehicles zoom by on Interstate 405 in Culver City, California.
Across the country, in big cities and small towns, kids attend schools so close to busy roads that traffic exhaust poses a health risk.
Photo credit via Flickr
Juvenile lockups and correctional programs have became warehouses for children like Keishan Ross with developmental disabilities and mental illness.



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