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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: WWNO FM is looking for a public health reporter
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A homeless encampment in Olympia, Wash.
The factors and events that lead a person to homelessness are often complicated and messy. They’re also essential to telling the true story of homelessness in a community.
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Aacres group home in Los Angeles
A series of tragic deaths at these care facilities in recent years may point to systemic deficiencies and underscore the need for substantial reforms.
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Southeast Asian American refugees still struggle with accessing care, 45 years later
More than four decades after the community began arriving in the country en masse, many immigrants still struggle to access culturally competent and sensitive health care.
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How do we reach mental health parity if therapists don’t take insurance?
Where I live in Los Angeles, it's easy to find a therapist or 20 in a single office building along Wilshire Boulevard. But chances are, most of them don't accept my insurance — or any insurance.
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(Photo by Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images)
Ace medical reporter Lisa Krieger of the San Jose Mercury shares timely reporting tips, with added insights from Stanford's Dr. Seema Yasmin and communications expert Glen Nowak.
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Understanding the intersection of homelessness and mental health
A 2019 USC Annenberg Center for Health Reporting data fellowship allowed me to learn about the unique health needs of individuals experiencing homelessness in the Coachella Valley....
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Oakland’s Aging Gap: A look into aging on the streets
From extreme loneliness to heart problems to vision impairment, how does living without a home affect or contribute to these conditions as a person ages?
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Can we do better to protect vulnerable kids from bullying?
In August 2018, three high school students and an elementary school student in Rancho Cucamonga, California killed themselves. I wanted to do more than just report the grim facts of their deaths — but how?
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Telling the story of domestic violence in Asian American families
Domestic violence poses a dire public health threat, but in many Asian households it’s still viewed as a private family matter.
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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
“We have not only a real public health threat but this novel coronavirus is really affecting the economy, and this is going to have implications for state revenues,” one analyst said.
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