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Traffic on U.S. 101, which cuts through the city of East Palo Alto, as shown from a new bike and pedestrian bridge.
“We have plenty of housing, but we don’t have jobs that are available to employable residents. People have to traverse out of East Palo Alto to go to their workplace."
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Elder abuse is on the rise, but persuading seniors to share their stories is a challenge
"People talk to me about all sorts of health issues, even addiction and sexual assault. Elder abuse was different."'s picture
(Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet via Creative Commons)
What’s the best way to vet the tips and decide which to pursue? These are the steps the Tampa Bay Times' deputy investigations editor takes and the records she seeks out.
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A nurse checks on inmates as they receive dialysis treatment at West Valley Detention Center in San Bernardino County. (Photo by
A reporter shares five key sources to help others exploring health care problems in California jails, and some critical caveats you should keep in mind before turning to them.
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INSIDER is hiring a full-time editor to focus on health, including a wide range of topics, from nutrition to rare diseases to sex and relationships.
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(Photo by Allan Leonard via Creative Commons/Flickr)
Even when stories get the facts right, they often fail to provide crucial context and caveats that would help audiences make sense of the news — or lack thereof.
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Laurie Young outside the Oakland Public Library in August 2019.
Stories of abuse or serious neglect in nursing homes make headlines, but patients and consumer advocates are trying to bring attention to overarching issues and push for a better system.
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Berenice Palmer in her room at the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living.
Advocates warn that people who need nursing care may increasingly be sent far away from San Francisco in a developing shortage of affordable nursing home beds.
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President Trump looks at a medical bill as he speaks during an event calling for legislation to end surprise medical billing at
Special interests have been lobbying hard and working the airwaves to convince consumers that any Congressional efforts to correct the surprise billing problem may actually harm patients.
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(Photo: Getty Images)
The Trump administration’s new public charge rule could discourage immigrants from accessing everything from emergency services to free flu shots, health experts warn.
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Ernesto Carrillo owns Carrillo's Mexican Store in Redding. He's one of the few people in Shasta County translating information.
Abandoning your home while fleeing a wildfire can be a traumatic experience. It’s even scarier if you don’t understand the language of the evacuation alerts chiming into your phone.
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