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San Leandro, Calif., resident Bella Comelo, and her husband, Ernest, have written their living wills.
Discomfort with end-of-life care discussions is not uncommon among many older immigrants in the United States.
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Aaron Wright’s story was part of Tessa Duvall’s larger look at the unusually high number of youth homicides in Duval County.
A journalist decided to write letters to 103 young people serving sentences in Florida prisons for murders. Could their stories shed light on what made Duval County Florida's "murder capital"?
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A local resident from Humacao, Puerto Rico, is prepared for hand surgery.
How Congress and the White House refuse to fund health care to the hurricane-ravaged island’s desperately poor.
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Ballad Health in October stopped performing surgeries at a Norton hospital, but it is unclear if and when patients or state regulators were notified.
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Rural California school district with high suspension rates under state investigation
Butte County’s Oroville City Elementary School District, which has a suspension rate that is three times the statewide average, is under state investigation for its discipline policies and practices.
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(Photo by Gabriel Seidel via Flickr)
A long-running dispute between two major health care companies is coming to a head in western Pennsylvania, with consequences for future hospital-versus-insurer showdowns across the country.
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Evelyn West, great grandmother of Kee'Mayah West, 2nd grader, of North Braddock, Pa., dresses children at Great Start Day Care i
Some life journeys start at a good day care center and end at the heights of academia. Some journalistic journeys go the other way.'s picture
Reports of elder abuse are on the rise, but investments in prevention measures aren't keeping up with the growth.
Taking financial, emotional and physical abuse together, allegations of mistreatment have more than doubled in L.A. and Riverside counties since 2005. In Orange and Ventura counties, that number has nearly tripled over the same time period.
G: The Miseducation of Larry P
In the state of California, it is off-limits to administer an IQ test to a child if he or she is Black. That’s because of a little-known case called Larry P v Riles that in the 1970s put the IQ test itself on trial.
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(Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News)
A three-year long reporting journey blended science and street reporting to reveal widespread environmental threats to Philadelphia's children at home and school.
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Childhood obesity is a particularly difficult public health problem because if left unchecked, it will lead to many significant medical issues later in life.
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