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Bakersfield police officers scour a motel room where they found a small amount of methamphetamine on a dresser.
Despite the chokehold heroin and pain pills have had on public health for years, Bakersfield cops are dealing with far more than opioids.'s picture
As more grocery stores close than open in Jefferson County, some residents say they're still disappointed that the buildings will not again provide food to their communities.
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Safespace in Menlo Park is a local nonprofit's effort to emulate a successful teen mental health services program.
With an early $50 million in government funding, Tanti and his organization, Headspace, would spend the next decade creating a network of 100 mental health centers serving 355,000 people throughout the country, each one with its own personality.
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Tiffany Maciel spent years seeking mental health help for son, exposing serious gaps in Santa Clara County's services.
Families seeking mental health support for children are beset on all sides by challenges, whether it's difficulty finding the right kind of help or finding out there is no help within 50 miles. Parents who are uninsured, on Medi-Cal or have commercial insurance face unique problems.
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(Photo by Ulrich Joho via Flickr)
Reporters file the same stories about bad nursing homes year after year. Little changes. But what if we did more to help families find the right facilities in the first place?
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(Photo by neeroc1 via Creative Commons)
A new study out this week shows the economic costs of untreated mood and anxiety disorders among moms exceeds $14 billion dollars through the first five years of a child's life.
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Harvard researchers randomly selected 20 BJ’s worksites to evaluate a wellness program.
Why employers should stop wasting precious resources on ineffective health screenings and employee lifestyle programs.
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Medicare for All “has changed the dialogue about where we could go as a country,” said Joanne Kenen, Politico's executive health care editor.
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(Photo by Kevin Burkett via Flickr)
Pennsylvania is sometimes lauded for how it handles its young offenders. But experts told me children are victimized after being sent away to residential programs.
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Telling the story of trauma’s tragedy and treatment in Newark, New Jersey
"Ashanti Jones’ story was so overwhelming it made me cry during the interview — a first in my four-decade career," writes broadcast reporter Michael Hill.
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Ashley Peterson revisits the former home of Butch and Sandy Kimmerling in Anderson, Indiana.
This is Part 2 of a five-part series was produced as a project for the 2017 National Fellowship. Other stories in this series include:
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