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Investigating addiction’s outsized role in America’s social struggles
When horrific cases of child abuse make headlines, social workers are often painted as neglecting their duty. But is a system that protects parental rights and keeping families intact really to blame?
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Are Utah’s private youth facilities keeping struggling children safe?
Some children have been sexually assaulted. There are documented cases of child abuse. There have even been riots.
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How limited access to health care hurts mothers and babies in South Texas
In Texas, a mother’s chance of delivering her child by cesarean section and a baby’s chance of experiencing health problems early in life have a lot to do with the place she gives birth.
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An elementary school near Sunnyside, Oregon
A January audit found that Portland Public Schools – the largest district in the state – spends more per pupil than similar districts across the state, yet systematically fails students of color and students from poorer homes.
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(Photo: Capital & Main)
An investigative reporter for Capital & Main shares how data, investigative smarts and stubborn persistence eventually culminated in new state legislation.
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Is hospital consolidation making health care less affordable on California’s Central Coast?
Research shows that as hospitals fall under fewer ownership umbrellas, prices can rise — and at significantly higher rates than their more modestly sized competitors.
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How to encourage more men of color to use HIV prevention medication in California
Only a small percentage of Americans who could benefit from the PrEP pill are using it, despite its effectiveness.
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(Photo by Jeff Skeirik/Center for Health Journalism)
Ellen Gabler offered a candid portrait of the many roadblocks she faced while reporting her big story on a troubled pediatric heart surgery program at UNC.
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Most domestic violence incidents still unreported, report says
Four years after the city of Los Angeles expanded its domestic abuse response team program to all 21 divisions in the Los Angeles Police Department, a report says the program falls short of its target due to low levels of implementation by patrol officers.
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People are dying on the street in L.A. every day, despite the staggering moral and financial costs
The public is paying mightily for homelessness, regardless of whether or not voters support more funding for homeless services and housing.
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LA County has a problem with how it handles children with mental illness in juvenile hall
In one incident, a girl with a mental health diagnosis was pepper-sprayed in the groin, then left to use toilet water to relieve her pain.
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