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How we reported on California’s failure to protect addicts at rehab centers
Unlicensed sober homes pop up all of the time, they aren't tracked by the state of California, and they are not held accountable by any government system.
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job market newspaper
American Public Media Group's Marketplace is looking for a senior health care reporter in Washington, D.C.
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The media is filling a similar function, argues Trudy Lieberman.
How the media's relentless focus on potential problems and downsides to any more inclusive health system helps preserve the existing arrangement, which seems to profit everyone but patients.
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Cannabis in the womb: How I reported on marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Stigma around marijuana, especially among mothers, was a big challenge to overcome while telling reporting my stories for the 2019 National Fellowship.
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(Photo: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images)
When our health care workers suffer poor health because of their jobs, the system is weaker for all of us.
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Darryl Lester, in a landmark special ed lawsuit filed in 1971, is greeted warmly by school psychologists.
The series has received support from the Fund for Journalism on Child Well-Being, a program of USC's Center for Health Journalism....
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Honesty and an open mind go a long way in reporting on tribal food scarcity in California’s far north
Don't go into a community, especially one living with generations of trauma, with an agenda or a set of fixed assumptions. Had I done that, I wouldn’t have gotten very far in my reporting.
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Kate Green is a 30-year-old who’d rather roll the dice without insurance than face steep out-of-pocket costs. (Photo by Autumn P
How two reporters used data to explore how California's ambitious health care initiatives could shape the lives of working residents already strained by the state's high cost of living.
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stock photo
State of Reform is looking for a health policy reporter to provide coverage across Texas, Utah, Arizona and Colorado for state-level politics, policy and personalities in health care.
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What’s the e-cigarette ingredient to really fear? Nicotine
There’s a rush to ban a dangerous ingredient in e-cigarettes. But people are missing the truly deadly ingredient in these electronic drug-delivery devices.
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baby and adult hand
The reproductive endocrinologist heavily pushed our conversation toward egg freezing. “You’re young and single,” he said. “You don’t want to have a baby by yourself.”
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