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The latest outbreak of a drug-resistant bacteria in beef and cheese reminds journalists that the development of antibiotic resistance in animals and humans is now a true health hazard. Here's how to start covering the story near you.
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Female prisoner in cell

Studies suggest that incarcerated women have higher rates of medical and psychiatric disorders than men. But correctional health care policy has largely neglected their needs, particularly of those aged 50 and over, a TCR Special Report finds.

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What I learned reporting on an opioid crisis in a community that didn’t perceive it as a crisis
A reporter shares a handful of investigative reporting techniques that proved essential in overcoming blind spots among local health experts who were largely unaware of opioids' toll in their communities.'s picture
Becky Walthan, 45, stands outside of her tent along the east bank of the Stockton Diverting Canal.
Even when the facts are presented and real people share their stories, some readers don’t believe it.
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(Photo by Bill Keaggy via Flickr/Creative Commons)
Incarcerating parents can have a major mental health impact on the children left behind and lead to risky behaviors, even as those kids become adults.
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UCSF’s mobile DeLiver van brings rapid testing, blood draws, and even liver fibroscans to people living on the streets, in their
For many unhoused people living on San Francisco streets, maintaining good physical health is fairly low on a long daily to-do list. Basic survival — finding water, food, and shelter — can occupy much of one’s day and energy.
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Registered nurse Amanda Day and Dr. Aswani Suthrave confer at the nurses' station.
For nearly a year, the former competitors have gathered daily to share information on patients and staffing.
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Widespread screening for ACEs could do more damage than good
When stories make bold claims about life expectancies chopped by decades or rates of chronic diseases skyrocketing for those with higher scores, they can create heightened anxiety without a real solution.
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Keeping the Homeless Out of Sight Makes Their Lives More Dangerous
Nearly 10,000 people in San Francisco are homeless, with a nightly shelter bed waitlist that hasn’t dropped below 1,000 in more than a year.
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The emergency room at Palomar Medical Center Escondido. San Diego hospitals have grappled with more emergency room visits.
Last November, I sought to get at the financial impact of more ER visits. Data showed an 18% jump in ER visits in San Diego from 2012 to 2017, reflecting a statewide trend.
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Victoria Carlson and Javier Kinney sing a Brush Dance song during a celebration at the mouth of Blue Creek on Monday.
Per-gish Carlson was within sight from his father’s house, where Blue Creek meets the Klamath River, where he recounted a story of Troy Fletcher and his ugly fish.
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