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Ultimately, I had no data for my data project. So, under the advice of data guru Paul Overberg of The Wall Street Journal, I created my own.
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Black Infant Health program leader, Lesha Porter, right, gives a high five.
Five practical takeaways from reporting on how communities are tackling persistent disparities in infant mortality, in the midst of newsroom downsizing and shifting beats.
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Men's Health is looking for an enterprising features editor to develop, assign, and edit the most impactful journalism and ambitious storytelling across all channels of the Men's Health brand—including web, print, social, and video.
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As women and mothers, we are astonished at the reported conditions. But as pediatricians, we are deeply concerned about the long-term health impacts of these kids are likely to face.
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Migrant children face huge challenges as they enter U.S. school system
A reporter sets out to explore the unprecedented challenges education professionals are facing as they attempt to create programs that support undocumented children who are navigating life in a foreign country.
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A memorial celebrating the life of Armstrong in 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The recent news that Armstrong’s death in 2012 may have been due to complications from a medical procedure was big news for history buffs, space fans, and investigative reporters. Here's why.
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Poor air quality can trigger constant cough and asthma attacks.
Do you live or work on the Mesa? Did you know the air quality is sometimes unhealthy? It can trigger a persistent cough, asthma attacks, and even lung disease after prolonged exposure.
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Immigration raids leave lasting toll on community health in Iowa
In May, ICE agents raided a precast concrete plant on Mount Pleasant’s west side. Thirty-two men, most from Guatemala, were detained. That one event has led to months of turmoil for the families of the men and the community.
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(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Researchers offer reporters some tips for avoiding common pitfalls when talking about the effect of socioeconomic status on health.
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How do health disparities fuel cycles of violence among vulnerable young people?
How often do young people in neighborhoods in which gang and drug violence are a daily occurrence receive help and services before they get sent to the alternative school, arrested, or worse?
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After decades of advocacy, the First Step Act, signed into law in December 2018, would immediately allow many who were set to die in prison a second chance.
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