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The Health section at U.S. News & World Report is seeking an experienced, full-time senior editor based in our Washington, D.C., office.
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Bullying, Substance Use and Segregation
An apparent link between risky behavior and bias-related bullying tends to be stronger in California’s more segregated counties.
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(Photo by CHJ)
Two leading engagement editors share lessons from the field about how engagement can help you frame and source stories to center community needs and fill information gaps.
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An American flag flies above a post-Katrina trailer in Waveland, Mississippi.
After Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi's coastal economy never fully recovered — and neither have its people.
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Rusty, a miniature donkey and certified therapy animal, visits inmates in a mental health therapy session.
Rusty the miniature donkey's effect on the group of seven severely mentally ill inmates at the West Valley Detention Center, San Bernardino County’s largest jail, was obvious.
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A lone palm tree against the smoke of the Woolsey Fire.
Climate change is fueling increasingly extreme weather events, and someone needs to defend communities against them and clean up after them. In California, that person is often a low-wage immigrant worker.
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Little Cottonwood Canyon, just east of Salt Lake City, where radon occurs naturally.
As I searched and learned about the silent, naturally occurring gas produced from the breakdown of uranium that can cause lung cancer, I became more concerned.
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(Photo by Molly Adams via Flickr/Creative Commons)
A growing group of small and medium-size businesses have signed on to changing how the nation’s health insurance system works. Here's why they're frustrated.
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How prenatal alcohol exposure is devastating a generation
The consequences of prenatal alcohol exposure include devastating, long-term conditions that range from difficulty learning to mental and physical disabilities and brain damage.
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Flossie Horace takes oxygen levels and weighs her 3-month-old grandson every morning in her Roanoke home.
Flossie Horace said she would have been too nervous to care for her grandson without the seemingly simple-looking equipment that allowed her grandson’s nursery to become a sophisticated communication center linked with doctors at the University of Virginia.
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Lynne Russell, of Hawley Pa., holds a photo of her late son, Patrick, on July 25, 2019, as she sits with her husband Patrick.
Patrick Russell was one of almost 500 people to die in Southern California jails in the past decade. A grand jury report found almost half of the deaths in Orange County jails from 2014 to 2017 may have been preventable.
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