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Childhood obesity is a particularly difficult public health problem because if left unchecked, it will lead to many significant medical issues later in life.
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Heather Lee stands outside a closed gate at the Public Works yard after attempting to reclaim her belongings.
People’s bags seized during encampment sweeps have been thrown out or gone missing, resulting in the permanent loss of medication, family heirlooms, and shelter.
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Forum Communications Company is hiring two Healthcare Correspondents to their growing digital newsroom teams based in Fargo, ND and Rochester, MN.
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While objectivity might not exist, the key is to check your biases. And recheck them throughout your reporting.
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Karoline Vázquez Díaz and her mother, Brenda Diaz embrace in their home in Morovis.
Six months after the storm, Saturnino Figueroa Montes, 64, spent two weeks fighting something doctors couldn’t diagnose after conducting multiple tests. A retired carpenter of Mamey, a rural neighborhood in Patillas, he went into cardiac arrest after he was hospitalized.
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Nora Soliz speaks at the Storyteller Project: Stories of homelessness at UCR Campus in Palm Desert on May 30, 2019.
The Desert Sun invited community members Nora Soliz, Julie Hernandez and Greg Rodriguez to tell first-person stories about their struggles with homelessness and their successes out of it.
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An uninsured mother and child at a community health center for low-income patients in Colorado.
“It’s been a very welcoming climate to insuring children,” said Joan Alker, director of Georgetown's Center for Children and Families. “That welcome mat has been pulled back.”
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Britaney Blair, 18, has been chronically absent for much of her school career. She is from Stirling City, a mountain community.
A “trauma-informed approach” puts students' behavior and performance in the context of their home lives and the trauma. Experts say it's part of the answer to reduce high rates of chronic absenteeism, which occurs in schools everywhere but is especially prevalent in rural areas.
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This scatter plot graphs the student poverty rates and overweight/obesity rates for thousands of California schools.
A Sun-Star analysis of obesity and demographic data from thousands of schools in the state show that low income and Latino students are at a substantially increased risk of developing obesity.
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Forbes Media seeks an Assistant Editor to support the Forbes Healthcare & Science beat to help cover healthcare, science, pharma and biology content, working at the intersection of editorial and internal teams including social, product and analytics.
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A new study reveals just how often teens and young adults receive opioid prescriptions in emergency rooms, even as the crisis of addiction has exploded.
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