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Parents and guardians of students navigating the special education system or in need of services had an opportunity to network w
In a city that has been rapidly losing its black middle class, challenges for those who remain are heightened by poverty, isolation and systemic bias. But how does a journalist do more than just report on the problem?
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Kaylee Adkins, who often had to stay home to care for her niece’s children, missed about a third of her senior year at Oroville’
The state's highest rates of chronic absenteeism are in rural areas.
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A demonstrator displays a sign during a protest rally over recent restrictive abortion laws on May 21 in St Louis, Missouri. (Ph
The future of abortion access in the US is in a major state of flux, with new restrictive laws or bills from red states in the news virtually every day. Advocates are responding in part by helping women get to clinics.
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(image by Manuel Reitz via Creative Commons)
Misinformation about health spreads as rapidly as a pathogen. Here’s how to track its spread using an online tool called Hoaxy.
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Child abuse deaths by age
While child abuse and neglect take different forms, more than half of Alabama’s child abuse and neglect victims – 52 percent – experience physical abuse.
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Pedestrians walk beneath M Street on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.
Because childhood obesity is a condition depending on many factors, some are taking simplified but powerful approaches to the problem.
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A student eats an orange during lunch at Don Stowell Elementary School in Merced, Calif., on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.
Chocolate milk and fruit juice accounts for about half of sugar consumed by district students, according to a Sun-Star analysis of breakfast and lunch nutritional data.
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Tell us: How are you affected by Napa County's housing crisis?
When people talk about our county, they often talk about vineyards, fine dining and upscale hotels. But that's not the reality for many of us who call the Napa Valley home.
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(Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)
When I set out to explore disparities in sexually transmitted diseases, I noticed few outlets elevated the voices and stories of individuals most affected by STDs. Then I lost my job.
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Planned Parenthood Digital Content and Campaigns team is looking for a new Digital Public Health Editor to help carry out Planned Parenthood’s strategy to develop and promote content and campaigns across all Planned Parenthood digital platforms.
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A sign warns people of measles in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/
"The first measles vaccine was licensed the following year, in 1963. I found it wondrous to think that no more kids would get sick, as I had."
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