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Dr. Yvonne Newberry at the University of Virginia participates via video in colposcopy clinics at the Wise health department and
Last year, the University of Virginia marked its 1,000th telestroke consultation in its first three years. Thirty-five to 40 patients a month in rural hospitals benefit from specialty care that they wouldn’t otherwise have had.
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In the shadows of Florida’s Legislature, children struggle in the state’s poorest ZIP code
Two children are born in Tallahassee: one lives in the ZIP code 32304, the other in 32312. They only live 24 miles apart, yet their experiences growing up are as if they were born in separate countries.
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Kathleen McGrory and Roger Smith talk to reporters about managing big projects at the 2019 National Fellowship.
The most successful projects are built on a reporter's ability to keep track of everything. Here are seven tips for getting underway on that next big project.
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Virginia’s social services system lacks accountability and puts children at risk
Parents who have had their children removed, employees who are treated unfairly or relatives who have been unable to gain custody of their family members are left behind in a system with no oversight.
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Charles Nelson, a professor of pediatrics and neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, speaks to journalists about how adversity
The Harvard researcher who led a famous study of Romanian orphans tells reporters there are lots of science-based reasons to worry about separating migrant children from their families at the border.
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Ashley Peterson’s story was told through a five-part series published in April in The Indianapolis Star.
How do you know when someone is ready to be interviewed about a trauma she has endured? And what do you do if she wants to back out just before publication?
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Navajo Generating Station is a coal-fired powerplant with a power of 2280 megawatts located on the Navajo Indian Reservation
In the void of failed government programs, health workers are trying new ways to tackle high rates of asthma on Native American reservations.
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Grandmother Valencia Terrell arrives with her grandchild to stay temporarily at a friend's home on in Atlantic City. After her h
“I think the common thread connecting these various actions that are happening largely out of the public eye is limiting supports for certain people — and for immigrants and families of color in particular.”
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Alex Kotlowitz, center, speaks with reporters at the 2019 National Fellowship this week.
“I think the real power in narrative is finding really small stories, which in some ways may seem counterintuitive," acclaimed narrative journalist Alex Kotlowitz told reporters this week.
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Welcome to San Bernardino County sign
Over 100,000 undocumented immigrants in Calif.'s San Bernardino County alone are eligible for Medicaid benefits. But does that mean they'll be able to find quality care in the county's safety net?
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Photo by Jeff Skeirick
We’re delighted to announce the selection of 20 journalists who will be joining us from across the country to participate in the Center for Health Journalism’s 2019 National Fellowship.
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