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Cannabis Wire is looking to expand its network of contributors with experience covering policy, business, research, and regulation.
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Economic Hardship May Be Factor In Domestic Violence Cases
A report published by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department shows economic hardship and an inability to support one’s family because monthly earnings do not cover monthly expenses may contribute to the disproportionate rates of domestic violence toward African-American women.
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City of Memphis, Tennessee
When it comes to public health and environmental justice, we have yet to understand what causes a disproportionate number of asthma diagnoses and severe symptoms among Memphis children.
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A special edition of Health Affairs explores the long shadow of violence on health — and how public policy might respond.
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Lessons from San Francisco’s pre-Obamacare system to provide universal health coverage
Has San Francisco's pre-Obamacare safety net plan been superseded by history?
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San Francisco says it’s close to ending HIV— so why are dozens of people still dying of AIDS?
San Franicsco is pushing to be among the first cities in the world to end the transmission of HIV. But reaching those most at risk of dying will require aggressive and unconventional public health strategies.
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Rose Brown makes pico de gallo at Pacific Pantry's one-year anniversary celebration in May.
Due to the loss of its Community Development Block Grant dollars on Friday, the pantry gave out bags of cereal, milk, pasta and canned vegetables, Community Food Council Program Director Amanda Hixson said.
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Shayne Britt and Roxie Reyes examine a delicata squash at Food For People's Mobile Produce Pantry in Klamath.
Food For People’s Mobile Produce Pantry make stops to the outlying areas of Humboldt County as far east as Orleans and as far south as Redway. The program makes a point of visiting areas that don’t have the variety of produce available in more populated areas.
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Why do low-wage workers in San Luis Obispo County live in crumbling apartments?
Near the gateway to the county’s wine country, hundreds of workers who toil in the fields and clean hotel rooms live in housing filled with mold and bedbugs.
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(Image by Jeff Skeirik/CHJ)
Veteran journalist and a public records wizard Sarah Cohen offers essential advice for how to be more effective in your records requests.
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Investigating addiction’s outsized role in America’s social struggles
When horrific cases of child abuse make headlines, social workers are often painted as neglecting their duty. But is a system that protects parental rights and keeping families intact really to blame?
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