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(Photo by Rui Duarte via Flickr)
Olympia’s leaders made a bet that they could manage the crisis successfully enough that the city could serve as a model for other communities grappling with homelessness.
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Austin Gladden, 19, poses for a picture at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recration Area near Pismo Beach.
In the midst of my reporting on the health effects of bad air quality downwind of an off-road park along the California coast, our newsroom was confronted with another pressing public health tragedy.
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Pennsylvania Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller speaks at a press conference highlighting Keystone Education Yields Success,
"I asked one sociologist who studies poverty in Philadelphia if she knows what happened to the families who lost their benefits over the past decade. She told me the question keeps her up at night."
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Alexandra Olivares fills out paperwork during a visit at Inner City Health Center in Denver, a clinic that offers medical, denta
For reporters on the health beat, Medicaid is a vital source of watchdog stories. Check out these six great tips from veteran journalists on how to investigate Medicaid stories at local and regional outlets.
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Deborah Kravitz gives breakfast to 6-year-old Mateo Rodriguez and his 4-year-old sister AnnaLee in Klamath Glen.
“We want to ensure that our kiddos that rely on the school year’s food get fed during the summer time,” she said. “We’ve seen and we know which kids sometimes don’t get meals when the weekend comes.”
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(Photo: Kevin German/Luceo for USN&WR)
With deadlines looming, I was able to publish a feature-length story just a week after receiving data files with tens of millions of data points. Here's how I did it.
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Does California hold the key to fixing America’s maternal health crisis?
"My reporting will explore what medical professionals think of California’s strategies to reduce maternal mortality rates, and whether similar strategies could work nationwide," writes CNN Health's Jacqueline Howard.
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Kee’Mayah West, 8, of North Braddock, Majeur Davis, 2, of Braddock, Christopher Simmons, 3, of North Braddock, and Zuri Allen.
As their town falls down around them, North Braddock families try to protect children — and lay a foundation for their future.'s picture
The cannabis industry is trying to convince pregnant women the drug is safe
In a small clinic in Fresno, California, a gynecologist says the use of marijuana among his patients is not new. More than half of the pregnant women who come to his clinic consume marijuana. “At least, three out of 10 of those patients are Hispanic.
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"alone" (Photo by ermadz x via Flickr/Creative Commons)
Mental health and teen suicide have become massive topics in Colorado, especially in recent months as a high school near Denver reported two student deaths in a single semester.
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