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Rural communities nationwide are often hit hardest by food insecurity, meaning the people who live there don't have enough access to healthy, affordable food. Kentucky, according to recently released national data, is no exception.
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California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled his revised 2019-2020 budget proposal Thursday, setting forth an agenda that uses the state’s tax windfall to bolster early childhood programs and cut costs for struggling families.
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Terry Ramon, right, talks with a young homeless woman in Indio.
Among the questions we sought to answer: How can people help those who are homeless in the Coachella Valley? How is money being spent on homeless services in the Coachella Valley? Why did Roy’s Desert Resource Center close in Palm Springs?
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Support for Curcio’s reporting on this project also came from the Fund for Journalism on Child Well-Being, a program of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism at the University of Southern California. Other stories in this series include:
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Forbes is seeking a senior reporter/editor to lead their business of healthcare coverage.
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The detection of elevated lead levels at Target Masters West prompted Santa Clara County to temporarily close.
An investigation revealed that lead from the gun range contaminated the inside of the gymnastics center. The county health department closed the youth facility Friday until further notice. And the process of figuring out if vulnerable children have been poisoned from lead exposure is underway.
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Alicia Kachmar takes a puff from her cigarette outside of Coal Miners Bar & Grill. (Photo: Rick Kintze/The Morning Call)
When is OK to offer a desperate source a ride, or a bottle of Tylenol? Knowing when to intervene is hard.
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Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes comments on the need for good oral health care while visiting Cudahy Middle School.
More than half the children in Milwaukee's troubled 53206 ZIP code are living in poverty. It's an area where unemployment is widespread and others are trapped in low-wage jobs.
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Tears flow as Adria Trader talks about how she lost her kids to the child welfare system.
Do Indiana parents now really mistreat their kids more than their counterparts just about everywhere else? Many experts say no.
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Kateri Whiteside embraces her daughter Nai'Yana Henderson at their apartment in Des Moines, Washington.
Kateri Whiteside looked at the pictures of her six kids on the wall: boys and girls, from toddlers to adults. She hasn't seen some of them for years.
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Lori Proland speaks Friday at the Forum on Child Abuse and Neglect at Indiana University Northwest.
What if the United States treated child abuse and neglect as if they were deadly diseases?
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