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Robert Allen is still traumatized by his stay at North Tampa Behavioral.
Investigative reporters Daniel Gilbert of The Seattle Times and Neil Bedi of the Tampa Bay Times both took deep dives into psychiatric hospitals over the past year.
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Richard yawns in mom Jessica Murrell Berryman’s lap as she works remotely from the family’s Durham home Dec. 6, 2019.
Deaths of African-American babies declined most quickly in states that expanded Medicaid coverage, researchers have found. North Carolina isn’t one of those states.
Episode 1: The Rain
This story was produced as part of a larger project led by Will James, a participant in the 2019 National Fellowship. Other stories in this series include: Introducing: Outsiders, a story about homelessness Episode 2: What Happened Here
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Clouds spew from a cooling tower at PECO’s nuclear generating station.
How researchers discovered radon’s toxic trail.
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Photo illustration by Michelle Budge
Ignorance is not bliss, choose to take action now.
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Eleanor Divver, radon project manager for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, holds a favorite illustration of lungs.
How Utah’s hands-off approach to radon is putting people at risk.
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After the Assault: A look at justice and healing for survivors of sexual violence
Often when journalists cover sexual assault, they focus on the details of what happened. Rarely do we pause to look at the long-term mental and emotional impacts on the person who came forward about the assault.
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job market newspaper
Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: CNN Underscored is looking for a health and nutrition editor
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American College of Physicians
The American College of Physicians is calling for either a single-payer system or a government-run public option. "This is huge!" according to contributor Trudy Lieberman.
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Chelsea and Ethan Holtsoi in front of their cabin near Many Farms on the Navajo Reservation.
Asthma is on the rise across the United States, and the problem is particularly grave on reservations.
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Are population pressures putting undue stress on drinking water systems in the Bay Area region?
In California, the world’s fifth-largest economy, an estimated 1 million residents don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Many water districts are facing huge challenges.
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