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After California’s deadliest fire, when is it safe to drink the water?
In December, when people started to be allowed to return to their homes — if they were standing — benzene was discovered in the water supply.
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A wildfire destroyed hundreds of homes in Redding, California, in 2018.
"Here I was, a stranger dropping into people’s lives, asking that they tell me their deeply personal stories from a traumatic event."
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Cannabis Wire founders Nushin Rashidian and Alyson Martin answer your questions about covering cannabis as states and federal entities struggle to classify and legislate the plant.
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What I learned while reporting on homelessness on the Westside of Los Angeles
Once known for their tolerance and to a degree an accepted and somewhat congenial but fragile coexistence with their unhoused brothers and sisters, Mar Vista, Venice and even Santa Monica have become increasingly less patient with homelessness.
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Rally-goers gather at the Arkansas Capitol on April 18, 2019 for an event designed to bring awareness to child abuse.
Arkansas has a child mortality rate far higher than the national average. Is the state doing enough to prevent these deaths?
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Eighteen journalists from around the nation will join us this week for the Center for Health Journalism's 2019 Data Fellowship.
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Toddler about to receive a vaccine from a doctor
Public health professionals say high-level vaccination data obscures the real problem, because vaccination isn’t uniform across states or counties.
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Josh Norris, Brigette Norris, Georgiana Gensaw and Aristea Saulsbury speak about food access in the native community of Klamath.
Though transportation is a barrier for residents trying to feed their families, solving food scarcity in Klamath is more complex than establishing a market in the community, a panel of local native peoples said.
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Darryl and Cecilia Lester at their home in a redeveloped housing project in Tacoma, Washington.
Darryl Lester was at his mom’s place in Tacoma, Washington, when a letter he’d been waiting for arrived in the mail. At 40, he was destitute, in pain and out of work.
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A mother comforts her son during the first annual Disability Pride Parade in 2015 in New York City.
Why you should investigate the unequal implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which turns 30 next year.
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Check out digital magazine jobs at, and Men's Health plus more from our weekly listings.
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