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A new study out this week shows the economic costs of untreated mood and anxiety disorders among moms exceeds $14 billion dollars through the first five years of a child's life.
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Harvard researchers randomly selected 20 BJ’s worksites to evaluate a wellness program.
Why employers should stop wasting precious resources on ineffective health screenings and employee lifestyle programs.
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Medicare for All “has changed the dialogue about where we could go as a country,” said Joanne Kenen, Politico's executive health care editor.
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Pennsylvania is sometimes lauded for how it handles its young offenders. But experts told me children are victimized after being sent away to residential programs.
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Telling the story of trauma’s tragedy and treatment in Newark, New Jersey
"Ashanti Jones’ story was so overwhelming it made me cry during the interview — a first in my four-decade career," writes broadcast reporter Michael Hill.
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The May 15, 1999, edition of The (Indianapolis) Star & the News made public the child molestation charges.
Ashley wanted the abuse to stop. But Butch, her adoptive father, was always around.
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Ashley Peterson smokes a cigarette just outside of her Airway Motel room in Atlanta.
I met Ashley for the first time in March 2015 at a Noodles & Company in Indianapolis. Her adoptive father Craig Peterson had arranged the meeting. He initially reached out to me about an article I'd written, then shared bits of Ashley's story.
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Craig Peterson with his daughter, Ashley.
Ashley stepped out of Sandy’s red-and-white van. The 10-year-old didn’t say a word, didn’t glance back at Sandy, her adoptive mother. And she refused to meet the hazel eyes of the man waiting in front of her.
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Ashley Peterson revisits the former home of Butch and Sandy Kimmerling in Anderson, Indiana.
This is Part 2 of a five-part series was produced as a project for the 2017 National Fellowship. Other stories in this series include:
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The Wall Street Journal is looking for a hard-working, dynamic reporter to join their Health & Science team covering health care and medicine.
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Ashley's biological mother Kim Guiden stands in front of her home in Anderson, Indiana, in 2017.
Ashley would be exploited, abused and, ultimately, abandoned by people who said they cared about her. And her invisible wounds would persist for decades.
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