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Credit: California National Guard
Years after devastating fires, many families still struggle from both the initial trauma and the aftermath of the blaze.
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CNBC Digital is looking to hire a talented reporter to develop its health and wellness coverage under the NYC-based Make It brand. Plus check out these other new opportunities across magazine, digital video and online content.
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Off-road recreation in the sand dunes.
Sand dunes at a state recreation area popular with off-road vehicles on California's Central Coast is sending tiny dust particles miles inland, creating an ongoing crisis in air quality.
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Fellows during a workshop
We're happy to announc the selection of 23 California journalists to be Fellows with the Center for Health Journalism’s annual California Fellowship. They will join us next week.
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Cristine Pagan helps her son Dean with reading homework at a local library. When Dean started first grade at Comly Elementary la
A dynamic team blended traditional street reporting with innovative scientific testing for a hard-hitting series on how the city's schoolchildren are being poisoned by lead.
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Agency Proposes New Limits on Time Kids Spend in Arkansas Jails
Soon, Arkansas won’t jail kids for longer than six months, in most cases, state officials said Friday.
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Democrats and Republicans on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce have asked the leader of the Indian Health Service to address two investigations that highlighted serious lapses in the agency’s care for Native Americans.
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For parents of children with complex diagnoses, it's easy to forget or ignore their own health needs. So why don't we do more to make it easier for the whole family to access care at the same time?
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Police respond to a crime scene near Hawkins High School. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)
"They come in welled up with emotion, they’re crying and there’s no way they can concentrate on the lesson at hand," says a teacher at Dymally High School in South Los Angeles.
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CNBC Digital is looking to hire a talented reporter to develop its health and wellness coverage under the NYC-based Make It brand.
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Did the media learn anything from covering previous rounds of health reform during the Clinton and Obama eras? You wouldn't necessarily think so from reading recent coverage, argues Trudy Lieberman.
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Across the country, children are quietly being poisoned by lead, asbestos and other toxins. We'll share innovative reporting and testing strategies from two top reporters that can deliver urgent, high-impact stories. Sign up here for our next Health Matters webinar!


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