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The author’s series featured the story of Tye Harris, a 24-year-old up-and- coming rapper and a suicide survivor.
In communities of color, issues of mental health and suicide often don’t receive the attention they need. That's especially true of young black and Latino men in Texas.
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Having an active social life could help detect and prevent elder abuse.
There are a number of strategies for making sure older people don't fall victim to financial, emotional or physical abuse. One of those strategies might surprise you: Making sure an older person has an active social life.'s picture
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“The actual debate won’t be about access — it will be about cost containment for all people,” says Harvard's Robert Blendon, a veteran health care pollster.
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Ballad Healthcare’s Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon.
The Federal Trade Commission asked a Vanderbilt University law professor to set the stage for a discussion on state laws that shield merging hospital rivals from antitrust actions.
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A new study in Health Affairs finds that more than 70% of children on public coverage have a parent employed by a large firm.
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The evolution of the bill from the version introduced into the legislature to the version actually passed and signed demonstrates what can be achieved in practice, but also raises questions about semantics.
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Too often, a woman and her doctor have to guess whether a drug is safe, because very few studies have looked at the effects of medications during pregnancy.
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A youth lockup in southeast Arkansas closed its doors Thursday, making it the second such state facility to shutter since the start of the year.
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TODAY Digital, the multi-platform arm of America’s favorite morning show, is looking for a senior health editor.
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Four news outlets have taken impressive, in-depth looks at how and why children are dying after surgeries to repair damaged hearts since 2014. So what's going on here?
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Taken together these stories on pediatric surgery programs raises serious questions about American hospitals and the care they provide. Here are a few worthy of further examination.
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