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Guenet Sebsibe

Expert Profile

Guenet Sebsibe

Field Supervisor, Infectious Disease and Epidemiology/Biostatistics Programs
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
cultural and linguistic health care services
cultural and linguistic needs of Alameda County residents
written materials in multiple languages
exam room and telephone interpreter services


Guenet Sebsibe is the field supervisor for the Infectious Disease and Epidemiology/Biostatistics programs at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Previously, she was program manager of cultural and linguistics services for the Alameda Alliance for Health, a nonprofit health plan established in 1996 to provide health care services to more than 94,500 Alameda County residents. The health plan offers most written materials in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese and offers free interpreter services in exam rooms and over the phone. The alliance prefers that patients do not use family or friends to interpret, emphasizing that a family member or friend's most important job is not to serve as an interpreter.

141-G University Hall
Berkeley  California  94720
United States
Office Phone: 
(510) 642-9839


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