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John Gressman

Expert Profile

John Gressman

President and Chief Executive Officer
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium
consortium model of resource sharing
health clinics for the medically underserved
health of San Francisco residents


John Gressman is president and CEO of the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium, a nonprofit organization representing about 10 health clinics that serve underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco. The clinics target people who are at the greatest risk for poor health outcomes because of lack of insurance, low income or homelessness. The consortium allows the clinics to pool their collective resources "both financial and experiential" and to address their needs and interests at local, state and national levels. SFCCC and its partner clinics provide primary care services to nearly 65,000 San Franciscans each year " almost 10 percent of the city's total population" and bring into the city more than $33 million in health care funding annually.

1550 Bryant Street, Suite 450
San Francisco  California  94103
United States
Office Phone: 
(415) 355-2220
Office Fax: 
(415) 865-9960


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