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Maxwell L. Moua

Expert Profile

Maxwell L. Moua

Participant, Partners in Healing
Healthy House
shamanism, magic healing and time reading
social services in the Central Valley
Hmong spiritual and funeral ceremonies


Born in Laos, Mr. Maxwell L. Moua has been a shaman for 36 years -- since he was 21 years old. Like many shamans, Mr. Moua recognized his own spiritual calling after an illness that prompted him to isolate himself from his family and others. In addition to shamanism, Mr. Moua does magic healing and time reading. In addition to shamanism, the other defining factor in Mr. Moua's life was the guerilla warfare that swept up so many Hmong of his generation in Laos. Mr. Moua attended and completed Lao high school (equivalent to the sixth grade in the U.S.) and then joined the CIA Special Gorilla Unit in 1967. He ultimately rose to the rank of lieutenant after helping to rescue four American helicopter pilots shot down by Viet Cong and surviving numerous war injuries. Mr. Moua and his family escaped Laos in October 20, 1975. After a stint in Thai refugee camps, he and his family emigrated to the United States, where they became citizens in 1985. In the Central Valley, Mr. Moua worked as a social services worker for 10 years. He also owned a Greyhound Restaurant, a small pizza business and an Asian supermarket. Mr. Moua, who currently lives in Fresno, also remains actively involved with the Hmong community and performs spiritual ceremonies and funeral ceremonies. He is also a master qeej (or player of the long bamboo flute) and a participant in the \"Partners in Healing Project\" of the Merced-based non-profit Healthy House.

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