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Crippling anxiety and depression, lost loved ones, selling sex acts to survive — vulnerable teens... more »
posted 07/27/20
Friendship Line California relieves loneliness for older adults isolated at home. That makes it... more »
posted 07/13/20
Thousands of Los Angeles residents have received word that their medical debt has been paid by... more »
posted 01/01/20

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The tide of ER visits rose in Southern California after Obamacare became law, growing about 27 percent from 2010 to 2016.
One solution to allay the high numbers may be a pilot project the Los Angeles County Fire Department is trying out: a “health care on wheels.”
A Los Angeles County Fire Department pilot project is testing out a a mobile integrated health care unit. The goal is to see if a “healthcare on wheels” model can help alleviate crowded emergency departments