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posted 01/14/2019
It's a high-stakes problem lawmakers across the country are increasingly trying to address.
posted 10/25/2018
Why does Indiana have so many cases of child abuse and neglect? Only six states had more in 2016, and they all had much higher populations.
posted 06/30/2016

Infant mortality may be one of the most cold, impersonal terms out there, especially when what we're talking about is dying babies....

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From Trump's change to the public charge rule to language barriers and lack of transportation,... more »
posted 03/03/20
A health reporter learns firsthand how confusing and challenging the Children's Health Insurance... more »
posted 02/13/20
“Without flavors like mango or mint, I think most teens would lose interest in vaping and not... more »
posted 10/11/19

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The initial statistics shocked me. It turns out, I hadn’t seen anything yet.
Do Indiana parents now really mistreat their kids more than their counterparts just about everywhere else? Many experts say no.
Kateri Whiteside looked at the pictures of her six kids on the wall: boys and girls, from toddlers to adults. She hasn't seen some of them for years.