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2017 National Fellow Tracie Potts gives a behind-the-scenes look at the ever-changing nature of... more »
posted 03/06/18
A tour of four communities across America revealed a common theme when it comes to the health... more »
posted 02/27/18
Susan Moore has colon cancer. She couldn’t afford transportation to dialysis three times a week.... more »
posted 01/31/18

Tracie Potts's Work

"Data is the backbone of good reporting, but people make the audience care," writes broadcast reporter Tracie Potts. Here's how she finds the people that make the story.
In her final L.A. County-based story, Potts visited a Eisner Health community clinic in Los Angeles County to talk to patients, physicians and administrators about what would happen to patient care if Congress slashed the budget for community health centers.
When a couple with three children signed into their state insurance marketplace to renew coverage, they found that the cost had more than tripled.