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“You understand you can’t change a culture on a dime," a CEO of a local health system told me. ... more »
posted 07/15/19
The region is the go-to place for helicopter reporting on poverty. But we wanted to provide more... more »
posted 01/29/19
In Appalachia, a legacy hospital system is failing to keep people well and remain solvent. Can a... more »
posted 07/19/18

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For nearly a year, the former competitors have gathered daily to share information on patients and staffing.
Flossie Horace said she would have been too nervous to care for her grandson without the seemingly simple-looking equipment that allowed her grandson’s nursery to become a sophisticated communication center linked with doctors at the University of Virginia.
Last year, the University of Virginia marked its 1,000th telestroke consultation in its first three years. Thirty-five to 40 patients a month in rural hospitals benefit from specialty care that they wouldn’t otherwise have had.