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The Trump administration's recent efforts to shrink the social safety net will only make treating... more »
posted 05/21/18
In one immigrant community along Central California's coast, a crisis response team stands ready... more »
posted 04/12/18
The outbreak in California, the largest since the U.S. started tracking hepatitis A, lays bare... more »
posted 02/26/18

Anna Maria Barry-Jester's Work

A FiveThirtyEight reporter on how she tackled an ambitious series on a huge, overlooked health crisis.
The Southern region referred to as the Black Belt is one of the most persistently poor in the country, life expectancies are among the shortest, and poor health outcomes are common.
Maps of the modern plagues of health disparities — rural hospital closings, medical provider shortages, poor education outcomes, poverty and mortality — all glow along this Southern corridor.