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Excellence in Print Journalism - Newspaper Publications - awarded by Society for Women's Health Research

For articles about microbicides, an HIV-prevention method for women now being studied around the world.

Barbara Feder Ostrov's Blog

Some last words of wisdom as ReportingonHealth's deputy editor says goodbye. more »
posted 12/06/12
Marjie Lundstrom's medical ethics scoop was a jaw-dropper: two California doctors had... more »
posted 12/04/12
As Congress considers Medicare cuts during fiscal cliff negotiations, we review Trudy Lieberman's... more »
posted 11/28/12

Barbara Feder Ostrov's Latest Comments

Posted by Barbara Feder Ostrov | Tuesday, 2012-10-16, 12:11
Hi, Carolyn, thanks again for the great post! Here's the link to the image, which I found on...
Posted by Barbara Feder Ostrov | Monday, 2012-10-15, 11:47
Hi, Isobel, that depends on the employer posting the jobs - you'd have to connect with them...
Posted by Barbara Feder Ostrov | Thursday, 2012-08-09, 14:49
Check out Blythe Bernhard's story, which I missed earlier: