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The assisted living industry has largely resisted calls for federal oversight, saying greater... more »
posted 03/21/20
Last November, I sought to get at the financial impact of more ER visits. Data showed an 18% jump... more »
posted 08/20/19
San Diego hospitals seeking are trying to steer non-emergency patients away from emergency rooms.... more »
posted 11/01/18

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The lawsuit, among the earliest of its kind in California, accuses The Springs at Pacific Regent and its owner of negligence in responding to the novel coronavirus.
COVID-19 testing varies widely across San Diego senior facilities. The state and county aim to induce widespread testing in senior homes, but advocates say these efforts are moving too slowly and lack teeth.
One of the deadliest COVID-19 outbreaks in the state’s assisted-living industry has occurred at a La Mesa facility with a troubled regulatory past.