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The new budget deal includes funding for the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting... more »
posted 02/13/18
New research finds that among very preterm babies, where they are born matters greatly. And black... more »
posted 01/25/18
A psychiatrist who has studied migrant and refugee children around the world points to one... more »
posted 12/12/17

Katharine Gammon's Work

Experts believe one reason the word gap is so prevalent is because it starts so early in life. But what if new programs could get all kinds of families to talk to their young kids in a richer, more varied way?
Only recently have researchers fully understood how critical “language nutrition” is for children’s cognitive growth. As a result, new programs aim to help parents increase their kids’ language skills.
New tech devices can help parents make sure they're talking to their kids enough. Such conversations drive healthy brain development and help kids keep up with their peers at school.