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The Central Valley's Kern County reported a 30 percent rise in overdose deaths from 2016 to 2017,... more »
posted 10/17/18
The shortage of doctors in California’s San Joaquin Valley has long impacted Central Californians... more »
posted 03/03/17

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"By the time I was finished, my reporting had covered not only the Valley’s marketing problem, but also federal and state laws dating back decades, executive orders, bills in Congress, visa programs, and more local, state-level and national trends than I could count."
A new California law has allowed pharmacists to play a more integral role in managing patients alongside other providers — which could be good news for patients struggling to access doctors. But one major obstacle still stands in the way.
This reporting was undertaken as part of a project with the USC Center for Health Journalism’s California Fellowship. ...

Collaborative Reporting

Research suggests an alarming link between a common drug used for valley fever and birth defects.... more »
The antifungal drugs used to treat valley fever can cause hair loss. With the number of valley... more »