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Speedier approvals and the legalization of "off-label marketing" have drug safety activists worried. more »
posted 02/10/17
Most Americans consume at least twice the recommended amount of sugar and few people who have the... more »
posted 01/23/17
When Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was asked point-blank, during a 2010 trade mission in... more »
posted 10/12/16

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Posted by Martha Rosenberg | Saturday, 2016-03-12, 12:02
Anxiety and alcoholism are not "mental illnes." Whenever they are termed that way and there is...
Posted by Martha Rosenberg | Wednesday, 2015-09-30, 06:57
Like the removal of pink slime from school lunch programs and rBGH from almost all milk, consumer...
Posted by Martha Rosenberg | Friday, 2015-08-14, 10:31
When reporters expose drug company marketing that pretends to be grassroots, patients often write...