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Beginning in 2014, businesses with more than 50 workers will have to provide health insurance or... more »
posted 10/18/10

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Some local entrepreneurs have been stunned because they failed to meet all the rules for the small-business tax credits in last year's highly vaunted federal health care law to help cover their health care costs.

Despite their disappointment, they're hopeful that another part of the law, which kicks in three years from now, is well worth waiting for.

Journalist Yesenia Amaro examines how some small businesses will cope with health reform as their health costs for workers continue to soar.

Janna Rodriguez, one of the owners of J&R Tacos in Merced, wants to learn more about the specific provisions in the federal health care law designed to help small businesses such as hers. Her restaurant, which opened almost five years ago, employs eight part-time employees — and none of them receive health care benefits.

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