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infanticide on the rise

Deeper look into infanticide

Pregnant to term and home alone, 18 year old Sofia Nyangani sneaked out into a nearby bush outside their Odzi home to self-deliver....
The FDA has orderer antibiotics out of many prodcuts

FDA Orders Antibacterial Agents Removed From Soaps

Cleaning products with antibiotics do not get you “cleaner” than soap and water but they do encourage antibiotic resistance and “superbugs” and disrupt endocrine systems in humans and animals.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Look here for health reporter and editor positions around the country

Local Voice Media is seeking an energetic multimedia journalists to join their growing team.
Melanie Whelchel talks to her son Jessen Whelchel about homework and playing with Legos.

Rural cancer patients face lack of specialists, long trips for treatment

For residents of California's vast rural areas, where nine hospitals have closed in the past decade, a cancer diagnosis can be especially frightening. Here's why.
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Amid turbulence in health insurance markets, some seasoned advice for reporters

High levels of flux in the Obamacare exchanges make it a tough story to cover. Veteran observer Steven Findlay breaks down some of the key trends and offers reporters advice on how to make sense of the confusion.

With HIV, the data isn’t as reliable as you think it is

After living there for over a decade, I know San Francisco is uniquely situated when it comes to HIV and AIDS. But I wondered, How are other counties in California fairing in their prevention efforts?
Illustrations by Ben Chlapek for inewsource

How opioid devastation caught San Diego County communities unaware

Opioid addiction has claimed thousands of lives in San Diego County. Understanding who is dying and how addiction has changed over the last 15 years is central to confronting the addiction epidemic.

Agricultural health care issues remain in California

A sizable percentage of California farmworkers are still struggling to get access to health services for themselves and their families.


Our health care system commits tremendous resources to extending life but comparatively little to end-of-life planning and care that honors patients’ wishes. This webinar will give an overview of the problem, identify changes to our health care system that might help, and offer insights on how journalists might spur more conversations on how we approach death in America. Find info and register here.


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