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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Health care reporter positions available from coast to coast

POLITICO Pro is looking for reporters to join their expanding health care team in Boston, California and Texas.
Governor Brown

Governor Brown signs landmark HIV education bill

In an effort to reduce HIV rates in the state, Governor Brown signed into law a bill that requires those who receive an HIV test with negative results are informed about prevention options like PrEP, the one-a-day pill that's up to 99% effective in preventing HIV.
A weekly farmers market in front of Children's Hospital Los Angeles gives patients, family and staff access to healthy food.

On the front lines of the fight against Type 2 diabetes

Experts believe they won't get the upper hand on the disease until they persuade enough people that a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent it or minimize its damage if it has already struck.
The FDA has orderer antibiotics out of many prodcuts

FDA orders antibacterial agents removed from soaps

Cleaning products with antibiotics do not get you “cleaner” than soap and water but they do encourage antibiotic resistance and “superbugs” and disrupt endocrine systems in humans and animals.
This art workshop at Access California Services in Anaheim helps Arab-Americans, the larger community and refugees.

Art class helps erase stigma of mental illness in Arab community

Zuher Belal put a black pencil on the rectangular piece of paper stretched out on a table. The 21-year-old native of Syria drew a Muslim man with arms outstretched in prayer. Then, he drew an airplane dropping a bomb.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Health reporter and editor positions around the country

Local Voice Media is seeking an energetic multimedia journalists to join their growing team.
Floyd Harris

Stress, sleeplessness, anxiety: How violence in Calif.'s Central Valley is causing a kind of PTSD

“I call it present traumatic stress disorder. When you have post-traumatic stress disorder it means the trauma has ended. With our people it is a perpetual trauma that is inflicted on almost a daily basis,” one lifelong resident of Bakersfield says.
Orange Chicken the cat enjoys the late afternoon sun with his owner Carolina Torres and her mother Margarita Montes.

A look at one family's struggles with Type 2 diabetes

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when she was 11 years-old, Carolina takes three types of insulin and four other medications every day. Diabetes experts say the family's situation is fairly common.


The 2017 California Fellowship, for California-based journalists only, will be held March 5-9, 2017 in Los Angeles. This Fellowship will focus on vulnerable populations and access to care and health care reform and innovation. We also take an in-depth look at how community conditions influence individuals' prospects for health. Each Fellow receives a $1,000 stipend to assist with the costs of reporting an ambitious Fellowship project on a California health issue, as well as six months of mentoring by a Senior Fellow. Deadline to apply is Dec. 1. For more information, go here.


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