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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Openings in broadcast and radio across the country

Application's for the 2017 California Data Fellowship are due on August 25th. Additionally, public radio and broadcast stations are hiring in Missouri, Connecticut and Oregon.
Jayden Lawson, now 9, lost his father to violence in 2013. At Jayden’s left is a poster from his father’s memorial service.

In Buffalo's children, wounds no one sees

Many of Buffalo’s children spend years battling the consequences of violence and PTSD. School is often the best hope to support them, but the Buffalo district has been slow to act.
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After witnessing horrific violence, a young immigrant is plagued by nightmares

A young boy and his mother fled vicious gang violence in Central America, but the nightmares have followed him to Los Angeles. The lingering effects of trauma now pose a whole new threat to his health.
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Working past retirement can keep you healthy

Research shows that working in retirement presents both financial and health advantages. What keeps some people from reaping these benefits and can companies do more to retain older workers?
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Men's Health is hiring in New York

Take a look at this week's new listings for hospital, online and magazine positions at Men's Health, Morning Consult and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
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Why aren’t we talking more about physician suicides?

At least 400 U.S. doctors commit suicide every year, a higher rate than in the general population. For this tragic fact to change, medical schools and hospitals will need to undergo a cultural revolution.
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What to keep in mind when asking people to share their mental health struggles

"The magic is in how we listen and how we ask," writes reporter Gisela Telis. "When reporting on people who are struggling or have struggled, give them space to let you in to their world, and be vulnerable enough to say: Help me understand."
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How common aquarium fish can help us understand what early childhood stress does to the body

A development biologist finds that the common zebrafish holds clues for how repeated exposure to stress can harm children's developing bodies and trigger a host of chronic health problems.


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