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In nation’s capital, rising gentrification undermines health of African American community

“A lot of people think that these were poor African Americans moving out, but they were actually middle-class people, because the poor people had nowhere to go," one Georgetown researchers says of the city's rising number of displaced residents.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Multimedia health openings available across the country

WITF is looking for a skilled, creative and ambitious multi-platform journalist to lead their Transforming Health project.
Katie McLaughlin, director of the Stress and Development Lab at the University of Washington, speaks to fellows at the 2017 Nati

How neglect and abuse change children’s brains — and their futures

Stresses like poverty, neglect and abuse all manifest differently in the brain and can cause different mental health issues later in life, explains researcher Katie McLaughlin of the University of Washington.
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Nobody's treating gentrification like the public health problem that it is

“Everyone agrees that housing is an important determinant of health, but that’s very hard to measure because it’s overly correlated with other aspects of poverty,” said Thomas Waters, a housing policy analyst in New York City.
Previous cuts to the food stamp program in 2013 led to a spike in need among low-income families.

​As Washington wrestles over health reform, communities brace for impacts on children

Uncertainty about proposed budget and policy changes in Washington have put low-income and working families — and the programs and agencies that serve them — on high alert.
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Reporter uncovers the hidden tragedies of children left behind when mom goes to jail

“In my newsroom, reporters are encouraged to have obsessions rather than beats,” Cary Aspinwall told fellows at the 2017 National Fellowship this week. “And my obsession is women in jail.”
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Can cities protect undocumented families from the rising threat of toxic stress in Trump’s America?

Many immigrants are now afraid to leave their homes for work or school for fear of being arrested and deported. This climate of fear has made children in these familes newly vulnerable to what psychologists call "toxic stress."
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Foster youth and sex trafficking: Can the system that failed these kids now save them?

“When you’re a foster girl, you feel unwanted,” a 21-year-old survivor said. “You’ve been through so much neglect and abuse. And then when you have a man tell you, ‘I love you, I’’ll take care of you, I’ll protect you,’ you want to believe him.”


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