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(Photo by David Wilson via Creative Commons/Flickr)

Are officials doing their job to ensure federally subsidized housing is safe?

How many other environmental disasters like the West Calumet Housing Complex are still undiscovered?
(Photo by Fernando Escamilla)

Latinos living along the border are face dire challenges amid COVID-19

U.S.-Mexico border communities are facing dire challenges as the pandemic escalates.
Is this family breathing in this runner’s plume? Or are the rules outside fundamentally different?

What I learned from my anxious experiment in masked running through Seattle

A simple jog turns into an anxious minefield in the absence of clear guidance on COVID-19 transmission.
(Image by Shiqiao Peng)

How the pandemic has devastated the San Francisco’s Asian communities

A reporter explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately impacting the Bay Area's Asian communities.

Coronavirus Files: Tracking Outbreaks on College Campuses

Each Monday, The Coronavirus Files provides tips and resources and highlight exemplary work to help you with your reporting.

Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: STAT is looking for a Washington correspondent

Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: STAT is looking for a Washington correspondent
Bruce Anderson, Hawaii's health director.

Pandemic is disproportionately hurting Hawaii's Pacific Islander and Filipino communities

Despite Hawaii’s reputation as a racial paradise, the state is home to striking income disparities that fall along racial and ethnic lines.
(Photo by Ricky Shore via Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘We need your help.’ Are refugees getting mental-health assistance they need?

Refugees need help with mental health care, but are they getting it? A reporter plots a deeper exploration of their plight.


Cities across the country are rethinking how they police communities. In this webinar, we’ll explore proposals to reform, defund or abolish police departments, to help reporters better understand and evaluate such efforts near them. Sign-up here!


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