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Senate’s plan to cap Medicaid could hit children with special health care needs especially hard

More than a third of children with special needs rely entirely on Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program for their care. Cuts to Medicaid funding could prove disastrous for such families.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Inside Washington Publishers, mindbodygreen, California Health Report

Check out this week's full roundup of job opportunities in print and online.

Overlooked: As women go to jail in record numbers, who's watching out for their kids? No one.

No one in the criminal justice system is responsible for the safety of children whose mothers go to jail, an investigation by The Dallas Morning News has found. The finding that holds true in most communities across the country.
Tonda Thompson holds her newborn son, Jehlani Rashid, at her home in Milwaukee on April 14, 2017.

Milwaukee's infant mortality numbers improve but the racial disparity is still wide

This article was produced as a project for the University of Southern California Center for Health Journalism's 2016 National Fellowship.
Jana Curtis and two of her children walk past one of many construction sites in their river ward neighborhood.

In booming Philadelphia neighborhoods, lead-poisoned soil is resurfacing

Breakneck construction in Philadelphia has unearthed a toxic legacy, coating playgrounds and backyards with dangerous levels of lead dust.
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The growing crisis in academic medicine is a threat to medical research

Generations of young and mid-career physician researchers are struggling to find positions, as hyper-competitive grants and tight labor markets make for tough working conditions in academic medicine.
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Conflicts of interest in health care journalism. Who’s watching the watchdogs?

"I don’t think we talk often enough about why it matters if health care industry entities are allowed to advertise within, or sponsor, health care journalism content," writes HealthNewsReview's Gary Schwitzer.
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Island of Doubt: What to do when the lie becomes the story

When it turns out a source has been lying to you about a central theme of a story you care deeply about, it can be agonizing to have to own up to that fact.


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