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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: TIME is hiring a health editor

TIME is looking for a sharp, organized, fastidious editor to oversee their daily health coverage online.
Photo by Damon Dahlen/Huffpost

How I used unconventional means to find New Yorkers hurt by gentrification

Finding the right people for your story is one of reporting's eternal challenges. One reporter decided to get creative — with fliers.

Two veteran reporters have ideas for boosting your health policy coverage

The Miami Herald's Daniel Chang and Politico's Victoria Colliver share their routines, sourcing strategies and other tips for covering the fast-moving health policy beat.
Julie Swann-Paez, a survivor of the San Bernardino shooting, works with a Pilates instructor to strengthen muscles during her re

What I learned telling the stories of survivors of San Bernardino terror attack

Among the key takeaways: "Establish your credibility early and often with all of your potential sources."
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Checkout openings at IBM, The Sun Sentinel and INSIDER

The South Florida Sun Sentinel is looking for an enterprising and versatile health writer for a critical role in their newsroom.
State Rep. Christy Perry (R) and volunteers deliver petitions to the state on July 6, 2018.

Will Idaho expand Medicaid in November election?

Low-income Idahoans will have access to public coverage if the new Medicaid expansion initiative is approved by voters in November. Reclaim Idaho collected 56,192 signatures, enough to get the measure on the ballot.
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McMath saga shows why reporters need to be clear about ‘brain death’ cases

Journalists should strive for absolute clarity in language choice. Avoid ambigious phrases such as, “Dead but on life support.”
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Tulare mother calls for better PD training on mental health

This story was produced as part of a project for the 2018 California Fellowship, a program of the USC Center for Health Journalism.


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