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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at press conference in September, where Democrats introduced their plan to lower prescriptio

It’s time for reporters to cut through the spin on plans to lower drug prices

There's an urgent need for better media stories that sort through the proposals and give basic descriptions of what the major plans to lower prices would do.
Assemblymember Ash Kalra

Did California’s Health Dept. Help Lobbyists Fight Lead Bill?

How an agency charged with protecting public health gave talking points to the lead-battery industry.
A kidney is prepared for a transplant recipient.

Can smart reporting reduce the number of kidneys currently going to waste?

Nearly one out of every five kidneys donated in the United States ends up in the trash. At the same time, approximately 5,000 people die every year while waiting for a kidney.
(Photo: Eric Baradat/AFP/Getty Images)

Sneaky advertorials dupe readers and undermine worthy health coverage

Hospitals should be able to tout their accomplishments, but doing it through sponsored news articles in The Boston Globe seems sneaky.
“Without flavors like mango or mint, I think most teens would lose interest in vaping and not continue after an initial try,” re

Youth e-cigarette use continues to rise. Will the vaping crisis reverse that trend?

“Without flavors like mango or mint, I think most teens would lose interest in vaping and not continue after an initial try," one researcher said.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Look here for health writer & editor positions around the country

Medium is looking for an experienced editor to commission and edit bold, attention-grabbing personal essays and perspectives for Human Parts, one of our owned and operated publications.
A New York Medical Examiner’s car outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center where financier Jeffrey Epstein was being held wh

Ignore the conspiracy theories and report on the real causes of jail suicides

I first became interested in jail suicides when I was reporting on the state prison in Montana, where I found that murders were quite uncommon inside the prison — but suicides were not.
Spilled bottle of pills over money

Signing up for Medi-Cal or Covered California: Everything you need to know

Starting in January, Californians will be required to sign up for health insurance or face a $695 tax penalty under the new state mandate....


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