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Nurse Stephen Van Dyke helps Mary Donahue, 100, with her exercises in her Denver home. A local nonprofit provides free home nurs

Staggering levels of health spending in U.S. could be curbed by more thoughtful care

U.S. spending on health care alone is large enough to make it the world's fifth largest economy. A more thoughtful, evidence-driven approach to delivering care could curb such staggering statistics.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Newspapers are hiring across the country

Check out health reporter positions at The Herald News, Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Connecticut Mirror.
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Until we fix electronic medical records, we’ll keep losing good physicians

Can you imagine a lawyer stopping in the middle of a divorce deposition to type up everything that was just said? Why then do we ask doctors to do such rote tasks?
Is a key aspect of your story based on just one source? Yikes!

Island of Doubt: Don’t let your great reporting be undermined by one source

Journalists have heard it a million times: use multiple sources. But as William Heisel explains, that means more than conducting a bunch of interviews and filling up notebooks.
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California, Michigan see quick payoffs for tougher vaccine requirements

California and Michigan offer real-world laboratories for state policies that clamp down on vaccine exemptions, and the early results are very encouraging.
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Veteran journalists and expert share ideas on how to better cover the opioid crisis

“What you’re hearing is that the pain killer problem has turned into a heroin problem,” Dr. Andrew Kolodny said. “That makes for a good story, but that isn’t really what’s going on.”
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Join Partners in Health's growing team

Partners In Health (PIH) is looking for a new Writer/Editor who is committed to improving the health of the poor and marginalized. Plus, don't forget about these approaching fellowship deadlines.
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The GOP's failed health plan shows Americans have changed how they think about health care

The historic defeat sent a signal to politicians that everyone needs health coverage, comprehensive benefits, and sick people can’t be left out.


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