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Pictured is Everest Hickey in less troubled days.

Welcome to the Madhouse

For many families struggling to navigate the maze of available mental-health treatment, the story of Everest Hickey highlights the desperate lengths to which they must go to get needed help.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: This week's newest listings for health reporters and editors

The Daily Meal team is looking for a powerhouse editor to run the Healthy Eating channel, while KQED needs a Senior Editor to assist in news reporting, features and podcasts.
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Calif. healthcare providers call off vertical merger amid rising scrutiny

Critics were concerned that the merger would increase the clout of the providers in an already concentrated market and lead to higher health care costs.
The list of politicians who have been forced to correct false claims about their military record includes Sen. Richard Blumentha

A fabricated military history should raise all kinds of reporting red flags

I still can remember that defensive feeling that welled up in me when my editor doubted me. He wanted to know how I knew my subject's claim of having served in Vietnam was true.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Healthline Stronger Scholarship application is now open

Are you a graduate student who is interested in making a positive impact on the Type 2 Diabetes community? If so, apply for the The Healthline Stronger Scholarship Program.
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Death by a thousand cuts: Rural health care in decline

In recent years, hospitals that serve small rural communities across the nation have closed their doors at a disquieting rate, essentially one per month.
Trump and Paul Ryan applaud

Americans across the country react to the House passage of the AHCA

Last week, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act. We've asked journalists, nonprofit leaders, and health care practitioners to share what they’re hearing from people in their cities and states.
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How I sought answers to what happens in Georgia’s classrooms for children with behavioral disabilities

In Georgia, thousands of students are taken out of their schools and sent to centers where they are supposed to receive an education and therapeutic treatment for behaviors linked to their disabilities.


Instability and the prospect of sharp premium increases are roiling health exchanges across the country. This webinar will put the latest news developments in context, discuss the ways in which GOP plans may impact the health exchange markets, and offer advice for reporters covering this story in their region. Sign up here!


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