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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Editor opening at a well-known health nonprofit

KFF, the non-profit health policy analysis, polling and journalism organization, is seeking a St. Louis-based Editor/Correspondent to join the staff of Kaiser Health News (KHN), its editorially independent newsroom distributing in-depth coverage of health issues across the country.
Isabel Ayala-Ávila

Sacramento clinic serves as life-line for the undocumented seeking care

Luis Miguel’s cerebral palsy makes access to health care essential, but this is complicated by his undocumented status. UC Davis’ student-run program Clinica Tepati has linked families like his to affordable care for the past 45 years.
(Photo by USDA via Flickr)

A reporter revisits the fundamentals for series on childhood trauma in D.C. schools

The lessons I learned reporting these stories seem so basic to the work of journalism, and yet I realized I had either forgotten these fundamentals or I had compromised them too many times in the course of my career.
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Why the battle to bring back school nurses is such a big deal for health and academics

Why are teachers going to the mat to get more nurses in schools? And what do nurses have to do with education?
People read the bible while waiting to get free health care services at a mobile clinic in Wise, Virginia. (Photo by John Moore/

Why did we stop talking about all the people left off the insurance rolls?

You don't see many stories about people stuck in the "family glitch" or who have fallen in the "coverage gap." But millions remain left out of the ACA's thwarted dream of universal coverage — and their stories matter.
[Photo by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras via Flickr]

Is California trying to solve its homeless crisis by stiffing mental health?

Is California merely robbing Peter to pay Paul with its voter-approved bond measure to house mentally ill homeless people? Places such as Tulare County could end up losing badly needed mental health funding.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: NBC News Health and Medical Unit is looking for a Health Reporter

NBC News Health and Medical Unit needs a Health Reporter to work with the Senior Health Editor, NBC, broadcast producers and senior producers to pitch and write health news content for NBC and
(Graphic: McClatchy)

Merced County has a childhood obesity problem. Want to do something about it?

Data shows children in Merced County are three times more likely to be obese than the average California kid.


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