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Anyka Harris holds balloons with messages from her and her family for her son Jontell Reedom, who suffered from schiz

In California’s Central Valley, lack of mental health training for police leads to fatal encounter

In the final moments of Jontell Reedom's life, viewers see him jogging away from the officers. Moments later, officers would fire eight rounds into him, killing him.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: WBUR, The Dallas Morning News and Men's Health

WBUR is seeking a multimedia journalist to join their CommonHealth unit - a multi-platform effort to report on health, medicine and life sciences.
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Hospitals rethink ERs ahead of growing wave of senior frequent fliers

As the country faces a deluge of older patients, emergency departments nationwide are seeking ways to improve senior care.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Join a global news network

The Associated Press seeks an enterprising reporter with a proven track record of developing sources and breaking stories to cover science, based in New York.
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Can a California law cracking down on vaccine exemptions overcome flaws?

While personal belief exemptions from vaccines were banned in California, the state saw a subsequent rise in medical exemptions. The law's language is partly to blame, a new study says.
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How do you tell the story of a huge early childhood program over time?

For 20 years, First 5 has used the tobacco tax revenue to finance health, education and other programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. What have we learned?
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Mental Reinforcements

Tulare County law enforcement attempts to make strides in robust officer training about how to deal with residents with mental health problems.
What I learned reporting on Sacramento’s effort to get dying people off the streets

What I learned reporting on Sacramento’s effort to get dying people off the streets

When I walked into Room 104 at a Motel 6 along a busy Sacramento road, I entered a deeper understanding of a complicated and growing crisis.


The deadline is Friday, December 14, to apply for the 2019 California Fellowship, which provides $1,000 reporting grants and six months of expert mentoring to 20 journalists, plus community engagement grants of up to $2,000, plus specialized mentoring, to five.  


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