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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: INSIDER is hiring a full-time editor to focus on health.

INSIDER is looking for a new editor for their health vertical to cover a wide range of topics, from nutrition to rare diseases to sex and relationships, and the health editor should be excited about tackling all of these and more.
Karoline Vázquez Díaz got emotional as she described the pain she endured when she got sick with leptospirosis as she sat next t

In the wake of devastating hurricanes, Puerto Rican government mum as disease claimed lives

A journalist shares key lessons from reporting on the Puerto Rican government's failed responses to a dangerous disease that spread after two hurricanes ravaged the island.
(Photo by Axel via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Just how far would you go to protect a source?

What can you do to make sure you’re not in a position where outing a source is an option?
Berry Accius visits Dajha Richards’ mother and step-father near a memorial for Dajha, who was shot and killed.

A crime reporter juggles beat duty to tell deeper story of domestic violence in Sacramento’s black community

At first the story of Dajha Richards' death was poised to be another daily about a fatal shooting. But as reporter Molly Sullivan combed through her social media accounts, she found a much deeper story of love and abuse.
Transgender women stand in front of the LGBT Center OC in Santa Ana on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

La comunidad transgénero debe hacer frente a desafíos especiales al no tener cobertura de salud

A menudo, las personas trans enfrentan importantes obstáculos al intentar navegar el sistema de salud y tener acceso a tratamientos hormonales, terapias de salud mental y procedimientos quirúrgicos.
People wait for vision care at Lee County High School during a remote area medical clinic last year.

How I tried to go beyond clickbait stories of poor health in Virginia’s coalfields

“You understand you can’t change a culture on a dime," a CEO of a local health system told me. "You have to transform a culture over time."
Transgender women stand in front of the LGBT Center OC in Santa Ana on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

Being uninsured poses unique health care challenges for the transgender community

Transgender individuals often face significant hurdles trying to navigate the health care system and access hormonal, mental health therapies and surgical procedures 
Photo by Salgu Wissmath

How do you find out which programs offer the gold standard in opioid addiction treatment?

If you were to seek opioid addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, what are the chances you'd run into a facility that didn’t offer the best possible treatment?


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