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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: INSIDER is looking for a Health Editor

INSIDER is hiring a full-time editor to focus on health, including a wide range of topics, from nutrition to rare diseases to sex and relationships.
The Monsignor Oscar A. Romero Clinic, is a clinic that staff has a code to alert staff when immigration agents enter

Sanctuary clinics offer respite for undocumented residents amid immigration raids

Some Southern California clinics and health centers are borrowing the “sanctuary” concept from religious groups and some California cities by presenting themselves as safe zones from immigration enforcement.
Huron resident Rosa Franco sitting outside her house.

For this undocumented woman, Uncovered California series spurs timely help

Huron resident Rosa Franco's case became known thanks to the Uncovered California project, and she was able to get help and guidance through the nonprofit organization Centro La Familia.
Photo Credit: Charles Edward Miller via Flickr

How active shooter drills in schools are traumatizing our children

By Brian Malte
Active shooter drills have consequences and so does the influx of school resource officers – especially in urban schools.
Berenice Palmer in her room at the San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living.

Nursing Care Expected To Worsen As California Ages

Advocates warn that people who need nursing care may increasingly be sent far away from San Francisco in a developing shortage of affordable nursing home beds.
President Trump looks at a medical bill as he speaks during an event calling for legislation to end surprise medical billing at

The 'dark money’ campaign to kill legislative fixes to surprise bills is spooking Congress

Special interests have been lobbying hard and working the airwaves to convince consumers that any Congressional efforts to correct the surprise billing problem may actually harm patients.
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What does the public charge rule mean for immigrant health? Experts share insights and story tips

The Trump administration’s new public charge rule could discourage immigrants from accessing everything from emergency services to free flu shots, health experts warn.
Ernesto Carrillo owns Carrillo's Mexican Store in Redding. He's one of the few people in Shasta County translating information.

Oppressed By Wildfire: Language Barriers, Unwelcoming Attitudes Discourage Latinos From Seeking Help

Abandoning your home while fleeing a wildfire can be a traumatic experience. It’s even scarier if you don’t understand the language of the evacuation alerts chiming into your phone.


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