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Health Reform: As Supreme Court Decision Approaches, High Stakes for California Healthcare

Health Reform: As Supreme Court Decision Approaches, High Stakes for California Healthcare

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Health Reform: No, the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act isn't public yet, but the Bay Area News Group's Sandy Kleffman spells out the high stakes in California and handicaps how various scenarios could affect health care in the state. The decision is expected to come down on Thursday. In other health reform news, the Affordable Care Act has saved California Medicare recipients more than $41 million on their drug costs, Chat Terhune reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Food Allergies: American children have more severe reactions related to food allergies than originally thought, according to a new NIH-funded study just published in the journal Pediatrics.

Environmental Health: Toxic pesticides sicken the nation's farmworkers but they find little protection under U.S. environmental protection laws and often are punished, fired or deported for speaking out, Ronnie Greene reports for the Center for Public Integrity.

Celebrex: Court documents recently unsealed in a long-running securities fraud against Pfizer show that the drugmaker deliberately misrepresented research data about the painkiller's safety, Katie Thomas reports for the New York Times.

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