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Daily Briefing: FDA Spying on Its Employees

Daily Briefing: FDA Spying on Its Employees

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FDA: The FDA put several scientists under surveillance after they criticized the agency for approving devices that exposed patients to dangerous levels of radiation, Eric Lichtblau and Scott Shane report for the New York Times.

Genetic Counseling: As the number of tests that expectant parents can undergo multiplies, some are asking about the ethics of genetic counseling. It may create a conflict of interest for counselors to receive payments from the companies that profit off of tests, reports Andrew Pollack for the New York Times.

Testing: In a short profile of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, USA Today’s Liz Szabo looks at why the group is so frequently attacked.

Television: A study suggests that the more TV children watch, the fatter they are likely to be, reports Carrie Gann for ABC News.

Alzheimer’s: Researchers have developed a way of diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease by watching how the patients walk, reports Janice Lloyd for USA Today.

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